New nephew

Hey guys,

A week ago Friday, so on the 17th I got the phone call that Ashley was going to have her baby. So tiffany came up and we all waited around at the hospital for my newest nephew to make an appearance. He was born happy and healthy, and is so cute.  That whole weekend was a bit chaotic we were at my sisters house and her house was full of people.  Ashley had the excessive amount of people and I couldn’t cope.

On Sunday my anxiety got the best of me and I spent a good part of the afternoon home sleeping.  And at some point that day I lost my wallet, my card was not with it so it’s not the worst thing just annoying.

Monday was fine, Sharon didn’t come over so it was just me and Jacob.  Then after he went home, since Tiff was still here, we took Taylor and Landin bowling.  Then Tuesday I lost my car keys, but of course I didn’t realize it until Wednesday when it was time to take Sharon to school.  I had literally tore up my whole house looking for them.

When I lose something I often look in the same 3 or 4 places and just hope it turns up.  I did find them Thursday after I called to see about getting a new one made, they were behind the shoe self that’s by the door, which I had checked at least 3 times but they had fallen all of the way down. Still can’t find my wallet though.

Friday evening my cousin came up, and since my grandmas house isn’t opened up she came and stayed with us.  So we had another not quite so chaotic but still more I guess off weekend.  She left early Sunday, so I did have the whole afternoon to be alone and relax.   When ever I have a weekend where it’s super busy, I always struggle to get it back together.  So last week I had given up on trying to write any blog posts because they had like a slightly grumpy/whiney sound to them, and I didn’t want to write posts with negative undertones.  No one wants to read anything written in my anxious state, trust me you don’t.

I don’t know if that’s an anxiety thing or just an “I’m weird” kind of thing.   Today seems to be going like a normal Monday, so this week should be good.  Taylor’s birthday is coming up too, so that exciting, It’s so strange to believe that she’ll be eleven real soon. She’s not been coming over though, I’ve been taking her home, since Ash is on maternity leave, and Tay wants to spend as much time as she can with her mom and little brother.

I hope you all had a great week, and have a great next week.  Also I am trying plan the next few posts, so if there is anything specific you want to see be sure to tell me in the comments  


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