3 years with Maizy

Hey guys.

Do you guys remember last week in my post “What makes me happy”  in it I talked a little about losing my cat Angel.  3 years ago I wasn’t going to get another cat. I didn’t want another one, but I was a mess. I diddn’t cope and I couldn’t sleep or breath, I did nothing but work, and watch glee and Pitch Perfect.  Late last night (3 years ago) I was looking online for a puppy. While I was searching on pet finder for a puppy, I came across the cutest kitty ever.  Her face was black orange and white. That night I caved and decided that I was going to get another cat.  I was going to wait till Valentines day, as a V-day gift to myself.

With some convincing from I think my sister we went the next day to go look at the animal shelter for my cat.  Unfortunately the kitten I saw online did not want to come home with me.  You know, shopping online for a cat is not the same as shopping online for a sweater.  Then I picked up her sister, who happily curled up in my arms.  I also picked up a few other ones, and another seemed to like me as well.  That one my mom, sister and niece liked better, she was cute, fluffy, and had floppy ears, so I was going to go with that one.  But in selfish moment I went back and got maizy.

I felt kind of guilty, and very selfish, but those feeling were forgotten the second I realized how perfect she is.  After I brought her home, I started healing.  I cried less, was able to sleep, and breath again.  Which was just in time, as I had run out of episodes of glee to watch.  I was still sad a lot, and still miss Angel very much, but I knew I was ok.

Maizy is perfect, she is always near by, usually in the room with me.  I genuinely couldn’t have found a better cat for me.  I love that she knows her name, and what lets go to bed means.  Her knowing her name had saved me a night of worrying the time she got out.  Our roommate left the door open once night thinking she was in my room with the door shut but she wasn’t.

I don’t know how long she was outside, less then an hour. I don’t know what happened but she wasn’t happy.  While I was calling for her she came running from the bushes but passed me and my house, then I called her again and she turned around and ran past again.  The third time she stopped and I was able to grab her.







Yes this is just an excuse to post pictures of my cats… Just random typing for spacing purposes…


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