Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend

Hey Guys I hope you all had a great and safe thanksgiving/black Friday weekend.

The week was not my favorite only becausee I  only got to work for two days, because of the holiday I didn’t have kids Thursday or Friday, and then Wednesday I had to cancel on my parents because I was sick.  Since I started babysitting, I’ve only taken two sick days, and the first one my sister was babysitting with me, so she still came over to watch the kids, I still ended up working… this time the kids just stayed home.  I did feel better the next day for thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was nice, I went to Ashley’s for dinner, with her, Taylor, Zack, his parents, and my mom. After dinner was the start of the chaos.  Yes, I did go to walmart on  thanksgiving day.  I know it’s terrible, because “they should be allowed to be with their family”. I’m just going to put this out there, You can have thanksgiving on the weekend. We did it last year, celebrated Thanksgiving on the day we could all be together, because being together was more important than the day of the week.

So I hate black Friday shopping.  I still go but I hate it.  I can’t handle crowds, it’s that simple, and when walmart does it’s deals they just pull things out in middle of the aisle and every one tries to get in their.  luckily I live in a fairly small town, so there was no violence, or even people being pushy.  However that night I was feeling particularly vulnerable, so that just made it all that much worse.  I made it out ok.

Finally upgraded my phone which was a mess the poor consaultant was struggling with some customer service guy who kept insisting she make me sign the contract which wasn’t for me.  So Judy in North Caroline don’t worry I didn’t sign you up for a new phone.  We finally got that worked out and I got my new phone.   Except it was my mom’s that was elligable but only because i had given her mine a while back. So I upgraded hers and was just going to switch them over at home to find out the iPhone 7 and Verizon now use SIM cards and my iPhone 4 does not. So I moved the SIM card from my phone to my moms so her phone would be active and had to go to Verizon the next day.

Friday went fine we didn’t leave all that early so the chaos was ended by the time we got to the stores we wanted. I managed to buy finish my niece and one one of my brother in laws, all of the kids I babysit half of my sister and nephew. So that’s nice.

By far my favorite thing I bought was an elf sweater dress and my niece got a santa one.  We like to coordinate some times lol. I’ve been looking for an elf sweater since I’m always stuck wrapping the presents.

Also last night (after two weeks on the couch) I  finally slept in my room again.  And I wade the eaten or visited by the giant bug. I did wake up to maizy yawning in my face, that was kind of terrifying.

I’m curious is Black Friday a thing outside of America? And what was your best purchase this weekend? blog-header