Judgey Little Comments

Hey Guys,

So it happened. After a year of blogging, and a year of my Instagram being public, I today just received my first negative, judgey comment.  I was suprised at how much it didn’t hurt.  Probably because who ever sent the comment has no idea what they were talking about.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely annoying, and unnecessary. But it found it more laughable.

Ok so Back in July I gotten SoftPaws for Maizy and when I first put them on her she didn’t know that her claws were no longer able to catch on the furniture.  So when she went behind the couch by the wall she discovered that she couldn’t climb up the back, and it was so funny to watch her try and climb up the couch. I took a video of her struggling and then at end pouting because she couldn’t climb out, and posted it on my Instagram.


Poor Maizy can’t climb up the couch any more so she’s kinda pouting. 😂😂😂

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Now to be clear Maizy is not distressed, in anyway nor is she actually stuck.  She could easily walk along the couch and come out from behind it.  Or even just a little bit further to where she could just hop up on the other par of the couch.  I mean clearly she’s not still stuck.

Today I received a comment on this video “Disgusting act you should be banned for life to keep cats” From someone hiding behind an internet alias.  Literally Someone who is using their’s for “insta-fame” is shameing me on the way I take care of my cats.  The comment came from a Siamese cat, not really sure how a cat can use Instagram, but ok.  I mean you attack me for the way I treat my cat, while you are using yours for attention, while hiding behind a private account.  Which can I say that technically that’s fraud (and illegal) using a fake name, and persona online.  I can bet that if I told you that exploiting your cat for Instagram followers is a “disgusting act, and that you should be banned for life to keep cats” it would make you angry.  Maybe even hurt your feelings.

I can guarantee that they have no idea how I treat my cats, I treat them quite well, they get to do what ever they want, aside from climbing on the counters, and going in the pink room. They have good food, a toys, a warm house to live in and all of the love and affection they could ask for.  Well actually I think I give them more affection then they’d like sometimes.  If this “cat” would have taken the time to look through my photos even just to click into my page they would see that my cats have it good.  And I should in no way be “banned for life to keep cats.”

So to the person who felt the need to comment on my Instagram, and anyone else who might need to hear…

Who even are you, to pass any kind of judgement on me? You don’t even know me.  There is no way you could have learnt enough about me based on a thirty second video on my Instagram.  You don’t know what happened before or after that video. You don’t know why I posted it.  You don’t even seem to know what I posted. You don’t know who see’s my posts, or how I present myself online.  You don’t know anything about me, my life or even my social media accounts.

So why do you think it’s appropriate to make negative comments on my Instagram page? I see it all of the time, different celebrities receiving hateful hurtful comments on any form of social media for everything they do. I don’t understand how anyone would think it’s ok to put out any type of negativity.  I know when I was young when we were taught internet safety it was strictly, Don’t give out your name, phone number, address, or any other personal information to strangers online.  We were taught “Stranger Danger” but not to be nice.  We weren’t taught that it’s not ok to attack someone else online for any reason.  So I’m going to put this out there incase you haven’t heard, It is not ok to post unnecessary hurtful comments.  It’s that simple, saying I should be banned from having cats isn’t going to change anything.    You can disagree with me on anything I post online, weather it be my blog, twitter, or Instagram, just be respectful.  Maybe if you tried something like “I don’t think you should treat your cat that way.”  I then could have explained that you misunderstood the video.

In the future, if you’d like to be negative please keep it on you’re own page.  Now I fully get that this wasn’t even that bad of a comment.  I know that it’s in no way a “hate comment” and that there are a lot of people who get way worse comments.  but I just wanted to point this out at the very beginning, that it’s not ok.

So if you take anything from this post please remember that it’s not ok to post any unnecessary hurtful comments to anyone. So if you have anyone that could use information please share this post with them.