A battle against fleas

Hey guys,

In last weeks post I told you how my cats had a run in with fleas.  In the 17 years of being a pet owner I’ve only had to deal with fleas one other time.  I tried the flea medication and the fleas survived but Angel got very sick.  After realizing the flea medications were not working at all I’d found a better, cheaper, and safer alternative.

Dawn Dish soap.  The blue bottle that they use to clean animals who are victims to oil spills. A bath with that is safe to use on animals, and will kill the fleas.  I also think I read that it will kill the eggs as well.  Which a flea will lay eggs every time she feeds.

What I did was as soon as I found fleas I gave the cats a bath.  I using warm water I carefully and forcefully put Tigre in the tub lathered him up and waited about 5 minutes trying to comfort him as best as I could. Then I rinsed him off, and did the same to Maizy. Then combed them very carefully with a flea comb, to remove any fleas dead and alive.  I did this every day for 5 days. Before they didn’t have any fleas on either of them.(if you were just looking for away to cure fleas then you may stop and go take care of your pets, but if you would like to know more about  my personal experience then please keep reading.)

I was pretty lucky, I knew to be on the look out for the pets getting fleas, as they came in with a friends bag. So I was able to take care of them before they infested my house.  I mean I was relentless with them.  Every night I was giving them a bath, end every night they hated it.  The first night, I only found one on Tigre but I made Maizy get a bath too, just to be sure. She spent the next week being very mad at Tigre.  Every time he’d walk past her she would hiss at him.  And they still haven’t cuddled up together and it’s been over a week since their last bath.

By the third bath though I had gotten so discouraged, that mixed with the fear of them getting sick like Angel had I was emotionally a mess.  I kept up with it though and the next day they were finally flea free, I still gave them a bath the next day just to be sure and they were still flea free.  Then another day of just combing them and I had finally felt like I had won.I think the worst part of all of this is not the discomfort of the fleas, or the many scratches on my arms and my back from Maizy trying to climb out of the tub. The worst thing is the way they would submit sadly to my holding them and combing though their fur, and they way Maizy would cry out the window for help, and Tigre burying his head in my hair moaning.  The only problem now is all of their baths had left their skin quite dry and they’re still itchy, so if any of you know of anything that could help them please tell me in the comments.


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