A Christmas update

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did, it was stressful, and wonderful.  I love Christmas, not for presents because I never know what to ask for, and I hate asking for things. But I’ll tell you my sisters know just what to get me.  Some of the best things, mousse style glitter lotion (I’ll talk about that on Wednesday) Some Skittles, and a mermaid tail blanket.  I think my most favorite is the #1 Aunt key chain.

We headed down to my uncles house for Christmas with our whole family. This year we decided to stop at Bronners, which is a giant Christmas store, with all of the ornaments you could ever want for your Christmas tree, or just about anything you could want for decorating house.  It’s a special little Christmas wonderland.  However with it being so amazing and great for Christmas, lots of people want to go.  That store was so crowded.  We weren’t in there for very long, but all of the stress and chaos drained any and all energy out of me.  The rest of the evening was alright.  I had a great time, my uncle again told me that I need to print off song lyrics to a bunch of Christmas songs so we could all do a sing along next year.  I had a Christmas before Christmas planned and started but never finished like I wanted  but I couldn’t finish it because my uncle does not have wifi.  Luckily I grew up in a pre-wifi time and was fine with out it.  I mean it would be nice if he had it but I’m not completely lost with out it.  But I did lose my bracelet, which isn’t a real big deal since it was just a glow-in-the-dark rubber band, but I’m supper bummed.  It’s been on my wrist for nearly three years, the fact that it glows is nice since I’m a big baby and afraid of the dark.

Saturday, Christmas Eve we had to leave super early so we could get Taylor to her dads 3.5 hours away by 10.  This year he got her for Christmas eve and Ash got her Christmas day. Then Christmas Eve was spent Calm and quiet at home wrapping all of the presents my mom bought.  Which lead to me questioning my moms affections for me.  I’d probably asked my mom about 10 times why she hated me.   I don’t know why stores don’t just package everything in nice little boxes.  Now I know that I could buy boxes to pack things in but hat would take planning ahead, and remembering how annoying it is to wrap  spoon. or anything in the shape of a circle.

Sunday morning, we celebrated Christmas with just us (my mom, sisters, the boys, and the kids) That was fun, but when I got home, I found out that my sisters dog, who was left while she went to her husband’s Aunts’s downstate was very determined to keep me out of the house.  I walked in the house to a very antsy dog wanting to go out, so with out thinking I put him on his leash and take him out front. Then I couldn’t get him in the house, he kept trying to get me to take him down the street but when I told him no and tried to get him inside he just laid down on the sidewalk. He’s a big Siberian Husky so he’s pretty big, and can handle staying out side.  When I finally get him inside I realized why he didn’t want me inside.  Now we tried to “Kylo proof” the house, turned on the TV put anything he might chew on up, locked my cats in my room (before you worry the cats were left alone) and put the air conditioner in front of the refrigerator (because he knows how to open it to steal our food).  Well, as it turns out, he can also move the air conditioner.  He stole our left over chili, and all of the cheese.  I had a bit of mess to clean up, but since it wasn’t too much of a mess, and not my dog I found it more funny than annoying…

I wasn’t planning on going back out that day, I was going just going to lay on the couch, and just be alone for the evening, but then my mom called and I ended up going back to my sisters house where her boyfriend’s parents were coming over too.  So I ended up going back over there. This time I took Kylo with me.  Which he doesn’t exactly get along with Ashley’s dogs, but they were going to be in the back room away from us anyway.  So I just kept Kylo on his leash next to me. It was a good, fun night.  Stressful and my anxiety has been over the top, but it’s been fun.  Despite how hard and stressful holidays are it’s totally worth it.  And to be fair, any family get together is always nearly too much to handle, but seeing my family, that I love and miss makes it ok.

Now I’m going to get off here, because I need to take Kylo and meet Tiffany to drop of Kylo while she’s on her way home.  I hope every one has had a fun and safe holiday.