Accept failure and move on.

Awe man how awesome were all of my blog posts for February? Oh right I didn’t post anything. I started the year with a goal of 2-3 blog posts every week. I started to fizzle the end of January and completely flopped all of February. So I have two choices, I can beat myself up about it. Or I can accept failure and move on.

Accept failure.

For me this is easy, mostly for the sad fact that that’s what I kind of expect anyway. I like to go through life not knowing what I’m doing and hopeing for the best. Anxiety really takes a toll on your self esteem. Also I tend to be a bit over dramatic and see every set back as failure.

The thing with failing at something is that it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It’s ok to not be perfect. One of the things I’ve often told m cheerleaders, is “I will never ask or expect you to be or do the best. I only ask for your best.” I try to remind myself the same thing. I don’t have to be the best. Just my best, which is definitely possible.

Moving on

I thought that I would share with you a few tricks that help me move on when I fail.

  • Give yourself A few minutes to feel sorry for yourself. It’s ok to be frustrated, assuming you don’t treat any one or anything poorly. Last weekend I made a cake for my nieces birthday and it turned out to be much smaller then I expected. I spent a good ten minutes yelling at the cake. But it ended up being big enough.
  • Take a deep breath, and shake it off. I had to remind myself that if I keep pouting then tay wouldn’t have a birthday cake. Or at least not one like she wanted.
  • Step back. If anyone else had made the cake I would t have thought anything of the size. It would have been fine. I find it’s like that with most things. We are way to hard on our selves.

I hope this helps or at least makes sense. How do you deal with failure or set backs? Go follow me on Twitter to hear about more times I fail at things.