Angel Kitty

When I was 12 my grandma died.  A few weeks later we were all still very sad about it.  Then one day, my sister was watching TV, and out of the corner of her eye through a crack in the curtain she seen something move.  When she got up she found a tiny kitten all alone in the yard. She picked it up and took it inside. My other sister and I got home and saw the tiny kitty and quickly fell in love,  and for the first time in two weeks we were genuinely happy.  When our mom came home, because we were so happy she let us keep her.  We named her Angel, it seemed appropriate.  For the next 14 years I had grown very attached to her.  When ever I couldn’t sleep should would come lay on my chest and I would pet her until I fell asleep.  She helped me learn how to get through a panic attack, by laying on my chest, and I would match my breathing to hers, slowing mine down and calming down.

Two years ago today, my Angel kitty died.

But lets go back a few more months, my cat and dog caught  fleas.  I tried the baths, and the collars, and even the medicine.  None of those helped.  Dawn dish soap and a flea comb is how we finally got rid of the them. Sissy (my dog), went back to her normal self. Angel, however never did.  She had stopped eating.  I had tried everything, different flavor, different brand,  I tried canned food.  I even tried pouring milk over her food so she could get some of the nutrients like we did when we first found her.

Fast forward to two years ago.  One night Angel had curled up between me and a pillow, instead of her normal place, I had noticed that she was barely breathing.  Terrified I called the only vet with an emergency number, who me the number was “for if your dog got hit by a car” or something It was a sunday evening and he was already in bed. She made it through the night, so as soon as the vet was open I got her in and looked at.  They never did figure out what was wrong, they gave her fluids through an I.V.  Then gave me some cans of special food, that I was to water down, and feed her with a syringe.  So I went home and got her to eat the amount he wanted her to eat.  I was to feed her three times a day. So the next two days I would feed her before I went to babysit, left during nap time while my sister watched the kids, feed her again, and then once more before I went to bed. She was getting better, she was getting more active.

Until Thursday, She fought me. she didn’t want to be picked up, she didn’t want to be held, I had never been so happy to have cat scratches on my arms. Any way She calmed down and I had just started feeding her. She coughed once and then covered her face and was gone.  It’s easily the worst thing I had experienced in I don’t know how long, probably since my Grandma had passed away.

I managed to keep it together around the kids.  I had too my niece was struggling nearly as much as I was.  All I did was go to work, come home cried, and watched pitch perfect and glee. That was basically  all I did, for the next almost two weeks, until I got Maizy.

Have you ever lost a pet? how did you handle it? did you get a new one?  Leave a comment below