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So this has been going around facebook for a while. You’re meant to ask your child a list of questions, and write down their answers with no prompting, or guiding in any way.  I didn’t think I could do it as I don’t actually have any kids.  I do however have a niece and a little one that I’ve been taking care of for 5 years.   So I decided to would ask them.

Whats something I  say a lot?
S: Come on Sharon.
T: I love you.
I guess when it’s a specific thing I do tell Sharon to come on, when she wakes up, or I’m picking her up at school.  I also definitely tell them I love them every day, multiple times every day. I had expected “have fun, be good.” Which is what I say when ever they leave me. Or even “swim fast, don’t drown” Great advice when I drop tay off for swimming.

What mkes me happy?
S: Being Good.
T: A day when no one is naughty.
Yep, when the kids are being good, it makes me very happy.  I tend to show them by treats and fun days.

What makes me sad?
S: Being Naughty
T: When you forget the words to a song
I’ve told them a once, “why are you being a pain…”(it was a playing around time) When they responded “in your butt?” I told them “no in my heart, because it makes me sad when you don’t listen.”  It does make me more sad then angry when act up. or when they’re disrespectful.  And I get so disappointed in my self if I forget the next line in a song.

How tall am I?
S: As tall as an elephant?
T: 5’5″
I’m only like 5’1” and I’m not sure why Sharon thinks elephants are so short but okay then.

How old am I?
S: 18
I guess I don’t ever talk to them about age, but I am 28, not 18. I promise.

What is my favorite thing?
S: Flowers (she also said wishing I liked pretzels.)
T: Songs
I do like flowers, daisys especially.  But songs, music is definitely one of my favorite things.  Although I am supprised that neither of them thought candy or skittles.

What is my job?
S: To keep me safe.
T: Babysitting.
When Sharon has gone in to full on tantrum mode (kicking and throwing herself around) I would hold her despite her wanting me to let her go, so that she doesn’t hurt her self. And just about every rule I have is because “it’s not safe”.  We cant run inside, can’t jump on the couch, can’t climb on the table, because some one is going to get hurt.

What did I want to be when I grow up?
S: A Spice Girl.
T: A Spice Girl.
Yep.  When I was little I wanted to be a spice girl. I knew Taylor knew that, but I didn’t know Sharon did.  When we talk about what we’re going to be when we grow up, I’ve told them when I was little I wanted to be a spice girl.  This is definitely my favorite answer.

What’s my favorite T.V. show?
S: Goldie and Bear.
T: Glee
Not sure why Sharon thinks I like goldie and bear, as we never watch it.  But Glee is definitely one of my favorite shows. It’s  actually on right now.  How many times can you re-watch a series before it becomes weird?

What’s something I like about you?
S: My eyes, because they’re blue like yours… and mommy and daddies.
T: When I don’t have an attitude.
I like so much about these girls.  I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about Sharon’s eyes, though, I love when she’s helpful, and how kind she is.  I like that she knows (at 4) to ask your friends for a hug and that if they say no it’s ok because “we respect people’s boundaries”.  I love that with Taylor, I’ve always got an obnoxious singing buddy, and that she’s so smart and kind.  While I could do with out the sass, she still doesn’t give too much attitude, and I think it does come with the age, but we’re working on it.  They’re good kids.

This was fun, I questioned the girls separately as Sharon was here early in the morning and Taylor didn’t come over till lunch time.  I liked finding out the things they’ve realized about me. I’m not gonna lie I would have never guessed that either of them would know or even remember that when I was little I wanted to be a spice girl.  If you have kids, you should ask them these questions, because it was so much fun.