Bath and Body Works haul

Have I told you that I love Bath and body works. Last week I took my mom to meet with my sister so she could ride up to stay her for the week. Since I was there I decided to pop into bath and body works real quick. Well I had a bit of a splurge. I’d picked out a few items took them to the register to be told if I spend another 4 dollars I’ll get 10 dollars off. It’s only the best kind of sale ever! I’d decided to share with you what I’d bought.

Twisted Peppermint candle

I love Bath and Body Works candles. They smell amazing. I do have a slight problem and just want to burn it all of the time. I went through one of the big 3 wick candles in like two days. Anyway. This one’s scent is twisted peppermint. Twisted Peppermint is probably my favorite line of theirs. Especially this time of year, its legit the only good thing about winter. This candle has notes of ‘cool peppermint, sugared snow,vanilla buttercream, and a hint of must. Probably one of the best things is that this soy wax blended candle is made with Essential Oils.
-head over to the “contact me page” and lmk if you’d be interested in essential oils.

Twisted Peppermint foaming handsoap

Still loving the twisted peppermint scent. Bath and Body Works has the best hand soap ever! I try to make sure I buy a bottle of this soap. It’s not usually twisted peppermint but they always smell so lovely. This gentle soap Washes away dirt and germs and thanks to the aloe and vitamin E they leave your hands feeling soft.

Car scentportable holder and refills

If you saw my birthday haul from a couple years back you might have seen that I’d already bought one but.. I mean how could I pass up this beyond cute mermaid one? I also bought a couple of the refills. Waikiki Beach, Mahogany Teakwook, and Endless Weekend. These things keep whole my car smelling so lovely and dreamy, without being overwhelming.

‘At the Beach’ Shower jelly and body butter.

I don’t know what shower jelly is, if i had to guess its jello made out of soap. It’s really solid though, so I’m not entirely sure how it works. We all know what body butter is right? We’re coming up to the time of the year when I start really missing the sun.  Oh who am I kidding I miss  the sun when ever its not out. This smells like summer i thought maybe, if i tried hard enough, I could pretend it’s summer.

Pocketbac and mermaid holder

Lack of impulse control for the win right here. I’ve never gotten the pocketbac holders only because they seem kind of a waste of money… but its a mermaid and it lights up. The pocketbac was to put me over for the $10 off, but smells so citrusy and delicious.

Do you guys like Bath and Body Works? What’s your favorite scent or item? LMK down in the comments!


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