Bath and Body works Review

Bath and body works has been America’s favorite for about 20 years now, and it’s very easy to see why.  Their lotions, and other fragrances are amazing.   I could spend hours in the store just smelling all of the products.  They have scents for everyone.  For Christmas my sister gave me a body cream, Shimmer Fizz and lip Gloss. All in the Scent Twisted Peppermint

They all smell like a mix of peppermint, raspberry, jasmine, candy floss, mint ,and musk.  It’s basically a very sweet candy cane like smell, which makes it perfect for this time of year.

The Body Cream is made with Shea butter for moisturizing, Aloe for soothing, and Cocoa butter for pampering.  Simply put some on your hands then massage  it into your skin.  It’s a body cream so it’s thicker then lotion, but it absorbs right in and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling behind.  This body cream leaves you skin soft, hydrated, smelling amazing.

Lip gloss. It’s everything I love in a lip gloss. Glossy, glittery, and tastes ok too. Because it is peppermint it does have a cool minty feeling on your lips, Sharon said it was really cold feeling.  It’s a little sticky, but it’s super glossy so it’s expected.

Shimmer Fizz body lotion.  This is the weirdest but coolest thing ever.  First of all you should know that glitter is my favorite color.  This leaves a subtle layer of glitter behind.  It absorbs in and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy while it moisturizes your skin. The coolest thing about this is that it fizzes.  like when put it on your hand and then close your hands you can feel it fizzing, and popping. Taylor compared it to pop rocks, but in your hands.  It comes out like a foam, so you just put spray some on your hand and smooth into your skin.  I couldn’t find this on the website so I don’t know much about it, but it is infused with vitamins A&E to leave your skin silky soft

I love bath and body works, it’s the best store to go to for great smelling lotions, and candles.  And their pocket bacs are the best thing ever, so convenient.  I love how these products smell, and how amazing they make my skin feel.  I definitely recommend this brand to any one looking for lotions.