Bath salts, DIY

I know I have said before that my hip causes me a lot of issues. I had a hip impingement which means that my joint is oval shape and not round, so it was rubbing when I walked, causing pain. In 2011 I had surgery to correct it but I still have a lot of pain.

My mom sister, and I had signed up for Zumba classes at the gym,but too much activity with my hip is what causes the most pain. Some times my hip just plain stops working, I struggle to lift my leg and even walk.

Normally a Hot shower helps a bit.  Then I realized if running how water on it helps, soaking in it could be amazing.  It is, I also decided to make it a whole thing so I made some bath salts.  I chose to make the bath salts instead of buying them, because when I was looking at the ones in the stores they all smell like perfumed flowers and not lavender like it said.  When I looked on the back lavender wasn’t even listed in the ingredients.

Plus I can make them, and have them smell just how I want.  I went on Pinterest to find what essential oils are meant to help with joint pain, and among the many choices that had I found Lavender, and Eucalyptus should work. Since I put Lavender oil in just about everything and I really like the smell of Eucalyptus it was an easy choice.

Bath salts

This was super easy to make.  I just took a mason jar filled it half way with Epsom Salts.  Then I put in 10 drops of both Lavender and Eucalyptus oil, and a couple drops of food coloring, and mixed it by shaking it- a lot.  The food color is  unnecessary, it just kind of helps you tell if the oil is mixed in well and purple water is way more fun, also if you use too much it might stain your skin (it hasn’t happened to me… Yet.)

So after zumba I will run a bath and pour some of the bath salts in and soak for about 20 minutes.  Its also a great time to use my Valentia Hydration Mask, and Hask Keratin Deep Conditioner. I find that after I am able to move my hip, and if I follow up with my Past Tense roll on I pretty much have no pain at all.

XO Johnnielynn