Be a Mermaid and Make Waves | Product Review

I’m obsessed with mermaids.

I think a lot of it started with my little BFF being really into them. We’ve watched everything mermaid related on Netflix. So when I saw that Tarte was launching a mermaid themed eye shadow palette I knew I had to get my hands on it. So when I took tay on our birthday shopping trip (check out that road trip vlog here) the main thing I knew I was getting was this gorgeous palette.

This palette does not disappoint.  I mean look how cute it is. The eye shadows in this clam shaped palette are made to look like mermaid scales. And the mirror is amazing. It’s probably the best Mirrors I’ve come across in a palette.

The shadows themselves are very pigmented, and so creamy. They blend and apply so easily too. “Bubbles” the iridescent bluey/purple one is my favorite, “Lagoon” is a close second. With this mix of matte and shimmer you can come up with so many day and night looks.


Weather you are a mermaid at heart or are just looking for the perfect summer palette you should definitely try this palette. This is pretty much the only eyeshadow palette I’ve been using.