Beach Park Adventures.

Today the sun is shining, and the kids have been quite well behaved lately.  Even nap time has been super easy, since I had started putting Lavender oil mixed with some lotion on their feet.  It doesn’t make them sleep but it helps them relax enough to fall asleep.  If they want to play and talk they do, so if I have to I can pull her out until he falls asleep then she goes right to sleep.  So I decided that today would be a great time to reward them with a beach park picnic.

So I got the kids from school, then we got a pizza and headed to the park. We had lunch then they were off to play.  At the beach there is a playground structure with a few slides. The only problem is one of them is afraid of heights. Even as a baby, you know how you take a baby and toss them  up in the air, she hated it.  She wants to go on the big slide but she is too scared to get to it.  I guess it’s not the heights that scare her as much as the tiny gaps in the structure. photo 1

She’s getting better as we keep going to the park.  Now she can go on it, as long as she can keep both hands on the bars on the sides.  Most of the time she’s alright, but some days  she just “can’t be brave.”  Today she struggled with being brave and wanted down. He tries to help her, offers to hold her hand, but she didn’t want his help she just wanted me to take her down.  So instead, I went up there sat down with her.  Got her to take a few deep breaths to relax, and reminded her that the slide is way more fun then it is scary. So she tried again, went down and that was the end of it.  she was no longer afraid, and kept playing on the slide.  I wish it was that easy just to do the things that scare me and then after doing it once, be so proud of my self for being brave I am no longer held back by my 2

Anyway, I had told them that they had one more turn down the slides and it was time to go.  They gave me no fuss, went down the slide and headed to the car.  Then I was reminded that I had told them we would walk down the pier. So after grabbing some rocks and sticks (to throw in the lake ) we headed down the pier. Then we left and headed home.  Finally it was time for a book, and nap time. We read The Book With No Pictures,  said good night, and they were asleep with in like 5 minutes.
photo 3

I love that I live in kind of small town,  where we can go and do fun stuff on nice days.  There are two public parks in town, and my sister lives a mile away from one.  The other is at the beach, which about a five minute drive.  Also there is one near my house, behind the Home Owners Association “club house.”  I mostly just love being outside when the sun is shining.

I’ve had such a great day I just wanted to share it with you.  Tell me in the comments, how was your day.

xo Johnnielynn