#beautiesonfire 2016 favorites

Well with it being the end of 2016 I suppose that it’s time.  The time to think back on all of  my favorite things from this year.  I have a lot.


One thing I’ve learnt (learned? I’m not sure which is correct, someone please tell me in the comments) was that that I didn’t have to accept blotchy, or severely broken out skin.  I’ve tried so many skin care products, and nothing helped.  Then I discovered a brand Formula 10.0.6. I finally found a skin care brand that not only doesn’t cause me to break out, but has cleared up my skin so much.  If only Icould remember to take care of my skin daily.   Not only does it work great the products are affordable and not $20+ a bottle.  I love this brand so much, literally the only way this brand could get better is if I could find it in a store actually near me.  I have to either order online or drive for about an hour to get it.

Another thing brand that I’ve been loving is Perfectly Posh.  I love their Soaps, and Lotions so much.  I couldn’t gather up all of them like I did with formula 10.0.6, because I’ve got them  scattered every where.  However these two are my most favorite.  I got “PJs all day from a parent for Christmas as well as a ton of other products.  It’s got a subtle lavender and vanilla scent, this comforting calming body but is great for at night to help soothe you to sleep.  Then I bought the “snuggle buddy” body butter, because it smells amazing.  It’s a fresh dewy flower scent snuggled with amber vanilla.  I love that this brand, uses natural products, and no harsh chemicals.  However I’ve found that I can’t use their face masks, I’m not sure why, but I’ve tried two different ones and broke out both times.  I did have a minor problem with them once.  I placed an order and there was a error so the order didn’t go through but they still took my money, and it took a while to get through to customer service to get the money back and resubmit the order.  But this last order there were no problems.

Tangle Teezer.  I love doing the girls’ hair, and usually Sharon sits patiently while I try and brush through her hair.  As her hair gets longer her patience has started to run out, so I bought this for her. It has cut her hair brushing in half, and the complaints are almost nonexistent.  I like how it doesn’t have a handle so you have more control on the this brush, but I don’t like it much for my hair when it’s tangled.  I’ll just rip a brush through my hair because I don’t have the patience to work them out slowly, but this is designed to not get caught in tangles.  Luckily my hair doesn’t get to tangled.


As well as those products, I have some favorite moments that have happened during this year too.
-I found out my sister was pregnant with her second child.
-Beach days
-Camping with my family.  Even if camping is so far outside of my comfort zone.
–Going to the zoo with my family. Basically just anything with all of us is my favorite.  Also the zoo we had gone too, there was a dog in the bear enclosure, because when they had the bear, she wasn’t doing well, she’d spend all day crying and sucking her thumb.  They asked around and another zoo suggested that she’s just lonely and to get her a dog, so they did.  They saved both the dog and the bear.

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There’s been so many other great things about this year, but these are just some of my favorites.  What are some of your favorites, of 2016?blog-header