#beautiesonfire 2017 Trends

Hi guys,

The Beautiesonfire Collab is back!  These post have been switched from every week to every month that way we can spend more time focusing on these posts.  This week our theme is 2017 trend predictions. Now I’m just going to focus on one thing, that if nothing else I really hope becomes a trend.  Because if it doesn’t, well then I’m going to be a very out of the loop beauty blogger.  What I want to see more of is bright and bold eyeliner, instead of typical black eyeliner.  I’ve been loving wearing bright colors on my eyes. Also as a bonus when you’re only using eyeliner, it saves so much time, by not having to sit and blend eye shadows.

I’ve actually been using liquid matte lipsticks instead of colored eyeliner.  Which Sharon finds hilarious, she even went home and told her mom on me.  When I had gone into Kmart a while ago they had some liquid matte lipsticks on sale for about fifty cents, and since I had been looking for a good bright and bold eyeliner color I thought these would be perfect.  Now I’ve seen the colored eyeliner a few times, like it’s starting to be a thing, and I really hope it does become a great trend.  Mostly because I love it, and if it does start trending then I won’t be some weird girl who lost her eyeliner pen.  Not that I care much… for once I am ok if someone doesn’t like the way it looks.

So for this look  started with Rimmel lasting finish foundation, and blended it into my skin.  Then I used a NYX concealer in the #8 (5 shades darker than my normal concealer) to attempt to contour with, and a cover girl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer in the lightest shade they have to brighten up under my eyes.  after that was done I used a City colors blush.  After that I filled in my eyebrows using Tanya Burr’s perfect brow kit, then I took the light brown and applied it all over my eyes just for a base, and I put Pink Heart from the Anastasia Beverly Hillson the inner corners of my eyes.  For eye liner I put some of  a Jordana Lipgloss on the back of my hand and with angled brush from eco tools and lined my top lash line. On my lips I used The Balm’s Meet Matte Huges in Committed.  Then I set all of my makeup with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder.  (please bare in mind that I am still trying to work out winged eyeliner, so they’re not perfect)

Matte Lip colors work the best. The lip gloss didn’t dry, but if you brush a little baby powder on top it will dry it right up, and last all day.  Seriously they stayed all day, I didn’t have to worry about smudging or fading.  On the blue, I added a little bit of Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigmented Eye Dust in Blue Moon, because who doesn’t love glitter.  Right now I am loving these looks so much right now, I’ve literally been wearing this type of look for everyday since I discovered it.

So as I said this post is apart of the #beautiesonfire collab.  You can click the image below to be taken to whole link up for more 2017 beauty trend predictions. I am loving the posts written by the other girls so make sure you head over.

Tell me in the comments what are some of your beauty trend predictions? Also if you know anyone who might like this look please share this post, and if you do (or have done) a similar look tell me in the comments or you can tag me on one of my social media links.