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Hi guys. I’m back with another Beauties on fire post.  This week the theme is back to school.  I graduated High school 10 years ago (Now I feel old) but the kids started school last week, and since I have to drive my preschooler I’m going to be going back to the school.

Our preschool doesn’t provide transportation.  So I drive the kids, which has worked out well for the older ones as they didn’t have to take the school bus. My life is so much easier that way.  If you follow me on Twitter (or have read Monday’s post It’s not always sunshine and butterflies. )  you might remember that we missed the bus on the first day.  Two of my kids only come every other week, so this was my first week trying to get her on the school bus.  Thankfully we’ve been home before the bus drops her off.  But Miss Sharon starts next week, so she’ll need a ride back and fourth, and I’ve still been picking up my spoiled niece (She hates the bus)

So I’ve been seeing a lot of “how I did my makeup in high school” posts, and I’m not going to do that. My makeup skills were very… um, limited.  I’ve said it before, messy eyeliner and an entire disco ball of glitter.  This is more of a “how I should have done my makeup back in high school.”

With this being a “back to school” look, I thought it would be best to find a quick makeup look. I don’t know about you, but when I was in school, I was awful at waking up early enough to catch the bus in the morning. More often than not I would wakeup to the bus being out side, throw on whatever outfit I could find, and out the door. I did my makeup on the bus.
For this I used…

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