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I am not a bold person, never have been.  I like things safe and simple.  So when I’d seen that this weeks theme was “bold”  I decided to go with a bold lip.  I know I had recently said that I would never join in on this trend, but I love it.

I love the idea of it, but I just feel that with my personality I can’t pull it off.  I don’t have the confidence to wear it with out looking like a little girl playing dress up.  So for this post I went for it.
BOF Bold 1
I used:

        1. Pixel Triple Boost Gel Foundation
        2. Tarte Energy Noir Clay Palette- I just got this the other day, and I am In love it. The colors are amazing, and it’s wonderfully pigmented. I used the purple-like ones on my eyes, and my cheeks as it has a blush in it too.
        3. Pixel Party Proff Liquid liner-Yep I’m still loving this too. Mostly I love that it’s like a brush rather then a felt tip. Although if your not careful then you could close it on the tip and it will can mess up the brush, making it harder to apply.
        4. Wet n Wild color icon kohl liner pencil– Honestly the best eyeliner pencil ever. And with it only costing 99 cents it would be silly not to try it.
        5. Pixel Concealer– its a gel concealer, with great coverage. So it’s great for on blemishes
        6. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous conlealer in light-I got this in a shade lighter than my foundation to brighten up under my eyes a bit.
        7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit-For highlight. I love this so much.
        8. Pixel Triple Boost Matte Powder-To set my makeup, and help blend some parts a bit better.
        9. Maybeline Lash Sensational Mascara

For my lips I used Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeshadow.This is a cream shadow, so I took an angled brush to line and fill my lips. It worked great as a lip color. Then I went over top with a shimmery peachy-pink lip gloss

I am happy with how it turned out. Also please excuse my frizzy messy hair, It was raining that day and the big girls and I went out to play in it, well until the lightning started. I can’t tell if it makes me a good babysitter or a bad one but it is fun.
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This post is a part of the beautiesonfire collab. It’s awesome to be working with so many talented, and supportive group of ladies.
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