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I’d never been a big reader.  I’ve never been able to sit still and focus long enough to read more than a paragraph.  That may have something to do with the fact that we’re pretty sure I have dyslexia but not so bad that pages look like alphabet soup I mean most paragraphs look fine, I but sometimes things just get a little confused.  But when I my mom asked the school about testing they said I was too young, and we never looked back into it.

It wasn’t until after I graduated high school that I picked up a book and started reading. I love it.  I’m not sure what made me want to but I bought Peter Pan and Wendy and I loved it. It’s easily on my top 5 fave books, but I already told you guys my Favorite books.

One series of books, easily became my favorite. The Vampire Diaries.  I read the books before I watched the show, but I did only read the books because I’d seen an article about the show in a teenage magazine that I was probably too old for.  It sounded interesting so I went online and ordered the first two books (they came as one) and I fell in love with the story, and maybe Stefan a little too.  Then when the show came out and it became a thing I did every week with my niece.

I remember she was three at the time, and I had been dying to watch the show, but she was in the hospital with her asthma and my sister and her husband worked dealing cards and had missed the night before but had to go in that night, so my mom and I went to the hospital for the couple hours they had to be gone.  Honestly we were there anyway, as we are a close family, and my niece and I have a very special bond.  Anyway so we sat in the hospital bed cuddled up watching it on the little TV that was on it. Then every week after that since I had to babysit that day anyway she got to stay up late and watch it with me.  Well she didn’t stay up too late to watch it, she always fell asleep during the first set of commercials.

Back on subject… This series have been my favorite. well up until a ghost writer took over the story.  LJ Smith wrote the first four books, and then “the Return” series on commission, and for whatever reason the publishers went with a different author for the hunters series,  I was a bit disappointed with it and I’m not fully convinced the new writer actually read the books. So I’ve not been quick to jump over to the Salvation series.

Ok now that I have given WAY too much back story on to out look.  This weeks theme was to create a look based on our favorite book, or movie. So I tried to recreate the cover of The Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion.

Bof TVD lookAnd for reference here is the actual book cover.Bof TVD look 2

To create this look I used:

  1. Maybelline Face studio Master Primer blur and redness control – I always start with primer, it helps my foundation go on evenly, and this one is a slightly green tinted to counter any redness.
  2. Pixel Triple Boost Gel Foundation
  3. Jesse’s Girl – I got this 9 color shadow palette “dream girl”. I used a matte light peach like color on the inner corner, then a shimmery peachy color over the rest of my eyelid, and a purpleish color on the outer through the crease, and I blended it through my crease. I also smudged a little of the purple along my lower lash line because I wasn’t using eyeliner on the waterline.
  4. Pixel Party Proff Liquid liner-Yep I’m still loving this too. I used this to draw a line close to my lashes
  5. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous conlealer in light– This concealer is a bit lighter than my foundation and I put it under my eyes to help brighten them up
  6. Pixel Concealer-  This one is the same color as my foundation, I use this to help cover up any blemishes.
  7. Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette– I used it for highlight, contour, and blush.
  8. Maybelline facestudio master fix setting powder– I used this all over my face to set my makeup, and it also helps blend anything that needed more blending.
  9. Smashbox X-Rated Mascara– I love this mascara.  Its the perfect mix of dramatic, and natural makeup.
  10. Pure Romance Illusion InstaMatch Lip Gloss- This is a lip gloss that starts out clear, then reacts to your unique skin chemistry to achieve the perfect shade of pink.

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I am having so much fun participating in the #beautiesonfire.  Blog signature