#beautiesonfire: Press Play

Hey guys, so if you’ve been here for a while you might remember that I was taking part in the Beauties on Fire collab.  You might also wonder why I wasn’t taking part in it for a while. Well for a few reasons we had decided to “press pause” for a little while. I am very excited to tell you all that we have also decided to “press play” and start backup again.

So if you don’t know beautiesonfire is a group collab that had become less of a collaboration and more of a network of a bunch of women supporting each other with daily fb threads.  I’ve discovered so many amazing bloggers through this group. You can check it out here.

This month’s theme is press play. Since we are restarting the collab. It had thinking back to my some of my favorite #beautiesonfire posts.

Forgotten Favorites

I loved recreating everything I once loved about makeup. The glitter, the glossy lip gloss, and lots of black eyeliner. –I never said they were the best idea. 

Superhero’s vs Villains

This one just fun. Obviously not a makeup look I can wear out but I loved it!  I’d finally got some use out of my Moonchild glow kit. 

Inspired by Nature

I remember being really happy with how this turned out. Thinking about how clever I was using liquid lipstick as eyeliner. Little did I know it would become a staple look for coaching cheer at basketball games. 

Those are some of my favorite themes that we’ve done so far and I am so excited to start creating looks with this very talented group of ladies. Make sure you click the image below to go to the whole link up to check out their fantastic posts!