#beautiesonfire retro

Hi guys, I’m here with another #beautiesonfire post.  This week the theme that was voted for is Retro.  Actually it had tied with last weeks “back to school” look, so this week we took on the retro look
bof-retro-2 bof-retro-1

This look was inspired by the 80’s. Now I know I should have done up my hair nice and big too, but I mean, I’ve only got 2 hours of nap time, so I didn’t have time to do up my hair and then undo it. I mean if you really want me to try and do my hair up real big let me know maybe I’ll try it and put it up on Instagram. For this retro 80’s look I thought bright colors would be best. (ok so maybe I only picked this for the opportunity to experiment with bright eye shadow colors) Here is a break down of products I used and the order I used them.
I Used:

As I said earlier this is part of the beauties on fire collab.  I am having such a great time reading every one else’s posts and you should too just click the image below to be taken to the original post and link up.