#beautiesonfire – Super heroes/Villains

I know very little about comic book heroes.  What very little I do know about them is from a musical on youtube called Holy Musical B@man!

So it’s a group of people who met in college, They wrote and performed a parody of Harry Potter, and put it Youtube.  It did well and they created and uploaded many more parody musicals.  I love musicals, and the sillier the better.  So if you like silly musicals then search Team Starkid on Youtube and enjoy.

Anyway, for this weeks collab post I didn’t want to do a popular look, like Harley Quinn, she’s been quite popular since the Suicide Squad came out. I also know that a few of you are doing Poison Ivy, and I’m not sure if Cat woman is a hero or a villain.  I thought she was Batman’s girlfriend, but I also think she’s a villain. I did try to do a batman look, but as I was uploading the photos I didn’t like them.  Then I remembered from the musical a villain called Mr. Freeze.  I’ve been dying to use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Palette so it seemed perfect.

bof-heroesvillainsFor this look I used:
Jesses Girl-Pure pigmented eye dust in baby blues-   I used this over a white jumbo pencil. With a white creamy base the pigment will stick better, and the color will pop.

Beaute Basics Gel Liner in Navy BlueI used this on my top lash line with an angled brush.  Then some of the lower lash line too.  I also used this to very carefully line my lips too.

Then I used a very old (like I got it back when I was still in high school old) NYC eye shadow wand.  I can’t find it on line but any icy blue lipstick or jumbo pencil should suffice.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Highlight palette– I used the color blue moon to highlight with a tiny bit of star.

You can use any foundation, blush, contour, and mascara.

This post was created as part of the #beautiesonfire collaboration post to find every one else’s post