#beautiesonfire : The seven deadly Sins and how they relate to beauty

So this week our theme was “The seven deadly sins” and being the good Catholic  girl I am… Ok well I didn’t know them but I did look them up. So for this post what I going to do is share how the seven deadly sins relate to beauty (and me)


Lust.  There are many makeup items that I am “lusting” after.  At the moment the makeup product that I want the most is Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Blush.  I really just like the way it looks in the pan.

Gluttony– We’re just going to focus on the excessive part of this one… Mascaras, I have like 6 different Mascaras.  Why does someone need six tubes of mascara? I don’t know but I use them all regularly.

Greed–  Makeup Brushes!!! I have tons and tons of makeup brushes.  When the kids I watch seen how many makeup brushes I have I was lectured on how I have enough, and that buying more would be a waste of money.  Most of my brushes are from Real Technique, they are my favorite.  I have a bunch but I want more…

Sloth– Laziness.  I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup, which some may call lazy.  But to be fair when I use the same cleanser twice a day my skin breaks out.  And even if I use a different cleanser my skin just isn’t as happy as it is with cleansing wipes.

Wrath– I hate how expensive some make up is.  Like, seriously, how can some brands charge $50 and others $5. I don’t understand…

Envy– I am so envious at how some people are so good at applying makeup.  It’s not fair.

Pride–  I will admit I am proud of all that I have learned makeup wise since my teenage years.  I mean messy eyeliner and enough glitter to make a disco ball jealous.  Now I actually feel like I know what I’m doing. I mean look…


This post is part of the beauties on fire collaboration.