Birthday Haul

Hey Guys,

So last month was my birthday (april 13).  I have been using my birthday to excuse my spending.  How long after your birthday can you keep buying yourself birthday presents? Is that normal, buying yourself birthday presents? I don’t know, I don’t think I care lol.

I think my favorite gifts are the ones that Taylor bought me.  She picked out and paid for them herself.  But she bought me an acrylic makeup organizer, she knows I needed a better way to store my makeup, and I love it.  Se also got me these purple hand things that will hold my phone up.  She is too sweet, and was so proud of the presents.  She made me wait till we were on our vacation so all of us would be there. But she forgot and I had to wait even longer, but it was worth it.So Any way, the first thing I bought was from Colour pop.  I had seen an ad on Facebook that if you bought two eye shadows then they’d give you an eye shadow brush free. So of course I made sure I bought some.  Then Since I really liked everything I bought I put in a second order a week later.  So I bought, Some Super Shock Pigments in Kelp Me, Baby Talk, Jinxie, Paradox, Seeker, Elixir, and Brady. I also got a Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money. I love the Super Shock products, They’ve got like a not wet, but not dry formula.  They are so pigmented and blend wonderfully.  Then I bought three Lippie Stix, in Lumiere, Oh Snap, Trixie, and a Lippie Stix primer. This lip color is amazing, they feel great on and last for hours. The last thing I got from Colour Pop is Crème Gel Eyeliner in Swerve. This eyeliner glides on so smoothly and stays in place all well.

I also had gotten an Ulta Gift card From My cousin, so I popped in there on our way home from vacation. I finally got the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette. I am loving this palette right now.  Pink and browns are currently my favorite colors to wear. There is a mix of matte and shimmer shadows, and as a bonus they smell like chocolate.  The packaging is super cute too a pretty pink tin with some hearts on it.

I bought NYX  Primer spray, Eye Shadow Base, and a Jumbo Lip Pencil.  The primer spray is great, just a quick spray after moisturizer and your foundation will go on smooth and stay on longer. The Eye Shadow Base is amazing, it’s white so your eye shadow colors pop and last a bit longer. Then I wanted to get a purple Eye shadow crayon, but they didn’t have one so I got a lipstick crayon instead.  It works great as eyeshadow, except it kind of stained my eyelids.

I had also gotten a Bath and Body Gift card as well so I bought a Scentportable Holder and several fragrance refills, I’ve got the Vanilla Coconut one in my car right now and it smells so good, it’s not overwhelming but it’s not too subtle either.  I had also gotten a bottle of the Foaming Soap.  I love their foaming hand soaps they all smell so good.

I’d finally found a light box that is so cute and will be great in the background for photos.  But I didn’t buy any of the letters to go with it. I kind of thought it would have come with some. (that’s photo shopped). I did order some letters, and I’m real excited for them to come in, but it’ll be a few more weeks since I ordered them on wish.

I did have a great birthday, and I got some great things.  Also again does anyone else buy themselves birthday presents.


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