Books I love

You know how some people binge watch Netflix? I binge read.

One day I decided to read Peter Pan & Wendy, I loved it.  Which lead to me buying more books, If I have a time where I don’t have anything important to do, I am probably reading .  Books are like a mini escape from reality.

So here are my five favorite books… (The ones I have read more then a few times.)

Peter pan The first book I ever actually read was Peter Pan and Wendy, by J. M. Barrie. I love peter pan. I didn’t read in high school, I don’t know how I managed to do any book reports in school.  I think you can get it on ibooks, and I think the kindle as a free download, and that doesn’t have the marks.



Girl online

The last book I read was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.  The main character is a teenage girl struggling with Anxiety, who starts a blog to try and over come her it. Had I not already started this blog I would have been inspired to start one after reading this book. I really wish that some one would have written a book with some one dealing with anxiety when I was younger.



the faults in our stars The Fault in Our Stars– by John Green. I don’t think I have ever read a book that made me both laugh and cry.





TVD The Vampire Diaries– L.J. Smith. I love this whole series. Though I think there are three more that I don’t have, and haven’t read. I didn’t like the Hunter series as much and haven’t bought the Salvation because they were written by a ghost writer, and the writing style is different, and it was just kind of annoying.




DivergentDivergent– Veronica Roth. I don’t have much to say I just really liked it, and I liked the movies as well.



So That’s my five most read books, I think.  I have a ton more books that I love.  What’s your favorite book? I need to find new books to read…

XO Johnnielynn