Bus stop, cat scratches, and shopping trips

The first week of 2017 is over.  It hasn’t been particularly eventful.  I had Monday off, and the Kids went back to school on Tuesday. It’s been so cold I am really hating waiting for the bus. Wednesday was real nice, the bus actually stopped right out front.  Normally its like 5 a little bit down the street, but I think those kids weren’t outside and we weren’t out there either. I’ve been having Tegan wait inside by the door so I am the only one outside freezing and when it turns on our road she comes out and we head to the bus stop. I can’t wait for spring, or summer when it’s warm again.

Maizy has been so clingy this week.  I think it has something to do with her going into heat.  But I do love when she gets into these moods.  I love when she just wants to cuddle up and have her belly rubbed.  Although I always get so scratched up when does.  I’ve them on my stomach, legs, arms, and chest… she doesn’t mean to scratch me, but when she wants to be around me when the kids are near they want to pet her too.  She’s never scratched them, even though she has swatted their hands away.  But I’m not going to risk them getting scratched, so I pick her up so they can pet her and when I let her go, she jumps away I get scratched.  Or when she’s getting her belly rubbed  and she’s trying to pull herself closer I get scratched up that way too.

I haven’t done much this week.  Lots of cuddling Maizy.  We did go on a little shopping trip Saturday. Meijer is about an hour away from where I live, and the closest store that sells Formula 10.0.6 products..  Since I had run out of my cleansing wipes,  I really needed to go. Luckily for me my mom, and sister decided they wanted to go to home depot  so we got to go to both.  We also went to Applebee’s for dinner.  I am the worst person to go shopping with.  I get lost all of the time.  I just kind of wonder off to look at something or another.  I’ll never tell you when I’m walking off either, I just kind of disappear.

So this was a short post, but how was your week?