Busy weeks, and anxious weekends

I don’t really know what to say about this week.  Most of it’s been good. A little not as good. Most of it has been pretty normal.

Sharon started school this week.  I feel like it’s been three weeks of first days of school.  The programs Sharon’s in doesn’t provide transportation, which is why I’ve always driven the kids to school.  Except this year her teacher asked that she be switched to the P.M. class instead.  They’ve got mostly 3 year olds in the am class and 4 year olds in the pm, that way her teacher can adapt the program for their ages. So Ashley takes taylor to school on her way to work in the morning so I don’t have to the school three times a day.  although am classes were easier in the way that the preschool starts 15 minutes after the rest of the kids.  While now she gets out a half hour before the rest of the kids, I get to wait at the school with one or two toddlers as well. I am so thankful that they are very well behaved, and that I have a stroller.  But it’s worth it, I mean if they start to get too bored then we can wait outside or in the car.  I’m going to need to put some toys in my car for that…

Our cheerleader-head lice  issue had finally gotten taken care of.  4 out of 8 of our girls ended up with it.  I have been soaking my hair in tea-tree oil, so I’ve been clear.  I’m constantly checking my hair to be sure.  But I hate the way one of the coaches have been reacting about it.  She wasn’t allowed to cheer at the game a week from Saturday, and was told that she couldn’t come back to practice for the week.  She was given no compassion at all, like I get that no one wants it.  That it’s a pain to clear up, but the girl is 8. All of our girls are 7-11 years old, and this coach sees her, says “g-dammit” surrounded by the girls, looks in her hair and not very gently guides her off to her dad.  The girls mom came to their next practice saying that she’s been treated, and there is nothing left alive in her hair, (she still had knits all over) and that the other girls are picking on, and avoiding her daughter.  Ok well if your child’s, being bullied for lice, it’s not because her coaches won’t let her cheer, but because you won’t get the knits out. (is it nits, or knits? I’m not sure on the spelling.)  I sat there and went through half of her hair picking them out, I had ash bring me her RobiComb to kill and remove what ever was in her hair.  We canceled practice for the next day.  They checked her for Saturdays games, and she was all clear.  Thankfully, my scalp is not liking all of the tea-tree oil I’ve been putting in my hair.

Do you remember the kitten that hung out on my porch all Friday last week?  Well he must have gotten out again, as I was sent a link to a fb post from the local animal Hospital, to warn me to be extra careful of my cats. There were two boys caught beating a kitten and spraying cologne in his eyes, that lived around me.  I looked at the picture and realized it was the same kitten.  My friend, who Sharon named cupcake, found his way into the hands of  two boys, approximately 5&8 years old.   My heart broke that day, for a kitten that wasn’t even mine, and for the little brats that can do such an awful thing. He is being kept at the animal hospital while the police investigate, he heals, and they find the actual owners.  There have been a few people claiming him. I was going to…   Then to make things worse people (adults) were saying aweful things in the comments like “they need their heads pounded into the sidewalk” and “someone should spray cologne in their eyes”.  Really, these kids don’t need abuse.  They need discipline, a doctor, and probably some affection.  I do think that they (and their parents) should be held responsible for their actions.  But he is doing better. Saturday morning, the pressure behind his eyes had gone down and there were no signs of neurological damage.

I kills me, because he was the sweetest, friendliest cat I’d ever met.  How could anyone hurt such a sweet animal.  I take comfort in the fact that my cats don’t go outside, and if they were to manage to get out, they aren’t friendly enough to let strange kids near them.

Saturday, was a mess.  I woke up when I was meant to have left for the game that day.  Then I dropped my keys in my sisters car, didn’t realize it until after she had left the parking lot.   Then the Paul Bunion festival, which is like a wood carving show, mixed with community event, mixed with a fair.  I didn’t go on any rides this time, and loaded my self up with sugar, but my anxiety still got the best of me,  It always does.  After that we had signed up for an Alzheimer charity trivia night.  Our team was My mom, Sister, her boyfriend, his Parents and me.  We took 5 out of 20 teams, the Michigan category killed us.

Between the large amount of people at the fair, and at the trivia night, was just too much.  As today, I have slept all day.  I woke up for church, showered, did my makeup and ended up back asleep. Until between 2 and 3.  I have not been able to focus on anything what so ever.  Even writing this now, I’ve been working on it for like 6 hours.  It’s not like my life is so exciting it takes hours to sort through on what I want to share.   But I’ve done loads of online shopping… Well I didn’t actually buy anything, so I guess it’s been tons of online browsing… I’m too impatient to wait for shipping.  I bought some things from feelunique.com and since I’m in America, and they’re in the U.K. I have to wait like 3 weeks for it to come in.  It’s killing me.. I’ve been stalking the tracking part just hoping it’ll get here early.

But I just realized that I need more milk for the kids tomorrow, and it’s 10pm.  So I have to go find an open store to buy some… Before I do, I am curious, do you guys like these lifestyle like posts?  Should I keep updating you each week, or do you not care?  Also what kinds of posts would you like to see?