Calming Chaos with GoNoodle

Hey guys!

I babysit two balls of Chaos disguised as toddlers.  I mean that’s the only way to describe them really.  Most of my days are spent chasing the little one from the kitchen table chairs, too the other side of the room and the diffuser, to the drawers with the crayons, then we start all over all while playing with Sharon.  Now add a second busy kid.  They definitely keep me busy, but it’s fun.  I have so much fun.  Like all toddlers they end up  getting too crazy.  When that starts I pull out my Ipad and load up Go Noodle.  They love it!

A while ago, one of the girls asked me if they could play GoNoodle on my computer.    She had played it in school.  So I loaded up the site, and we signed up.  It’s filled with a ton of kid friendly songs, to sing and dance along with.  We have so much fun with the songs, the kids will sit and sing and dance along for as long as I let them.  It’s great when I need to make lunch, and the kids need more attention.

I have the app so we use that more then the website.  The app is so easy to navigate Sharon can if put on a new song if I’m with one of the other kids or in the kitchen getting lunch sorted.  As a rule I don’t allow the boys to, because they’re not allowed to touch the iPad.  It’s definitely comforting knowing that busy playing and dancing and not bickering or getting in to anything they shouldn’t be. This app has saved me so many times.

We spend most of our time in the “moosetube” category.   The songs are so much fun and the directed dancing keeps them busy.   I love watching them all dancing together and getting along. I mean they typically get along they are very good kids despite the chaos that takes over when we’re stuck inside too long.  The songs are also great for car singalongs since my radio doesn’t work (and a new one is low on my prirority list) we can just make our own music.

One of the kids favorite things is the little character you get.  Every song you play you get a point, and when you get 10 you get another item to decorate you character with.  It’s definitely a great incentive to keep playing.

We don’t watch a lot of TV.  So I love that I can keep, them occupied without them being sat down in front of a tv show.  A few years ago, when I needed the kids occupied I put on Signing Time with Alex and Leah.  They learnt (learned- I’m still not sure which it is some one please tell me int the comments) enough sign language that I could correct their behavior from across a room with out having to shout.  I love that they can be occupied and up and moving.  It uses up their excess energy, which makes nap time way easier for me.

If you have kids you need to look into this app. Especially on rainy days, because it will get them moving, tire them out, and it’s free (and not full of adds).

Have you played on this app before?