Camp Little Victors Week 2

Camp Little Victors is an online summer camp.   put on by C.S Mott Children’s Hospital.  They send an email on Monday with four activities for them to do during the week for the kids to earn badges. Food and Recipes,  Fitness and Motor Skills, Science and Math, and Arts and Crafts.  We’re having so much fun participating in this.

For Arts & Crafts we did Tape Painting.  I bought some finger paints, tape and small poster boards for this project.  I used this painters tape to create a border, then stuck random strips of tape across the board. Then I told the kids that I wanted them to just cover the boards, that I didn’t want to see any white left.  Once they were done I removed all of the tape.  It’s so much easier to do while the paint is still wet, because the dry paint will not stick to the tape and that’ll just make a mess on the white spots.  I love the way these turned out. I just need to finish clearing the walls of the room where the kids sleep and I’m going to put their artwork up in there.Camp little victors w2

For Fitness & Motor Skills we played Fitness Card Frenzy.  I’d seen this done on a youtube video a while back, but never thought to try it out with the kids. but mine, they loved it.  They had a great time drawing the cards and doing the exercises.  We did change out the planks for sit ups, since my kids did not know what planking was and i figured that would be easier to count.

For Food & Recipes we were meant to take Raspberries, and fill them with yogurt. Unfortunately the grocery stores  we had gone to were out of Raspberries  so instead we used strawberries.  But the kids loved it.  They ate them right up and I am happy to find a good snack for them.

For Science & Math we went on a library scavenger hunt.  During the summer  for 6 weeks they put on a show on Tuesdays, so we were already going and I thought it would be the perfect time to do the scavenger hunt. I was wrong, my kids were a bit wound up from the excitement of watching the guy play the spoons, Then to add to it there were tons of kids still there.  We were able to several items off of the list we couldn’t finish.

We’re having such a great time patricipateing in this summer program

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