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I love nail polish. I love having my nails look nice, and having them bright fun colors. Doing my nails is also a bit therapeutic. Any thing that requires attention and focus -only for a short amount of time- seems to be therapeutic and calming to me. I can only focus for so long before I get bored and quit. I also tend to smudge my nails every time because I’m too impatient to wait for them to dry. Gel polish is nice but they seem like more of a hassle then they’re worth. So I thought I’d try dip nail polish, and ::SPOILER ALERT!:: I loved it.

How do you apply dip nail polish?

It’s easy, a bit time consuming but totally worth it. So first you’re going to want to file. File everything you really need to rough up the surface of your nail so there’s something to stick to. After abusing your nails you’ll want to clean the dust off of them. I bought this one, but it’s essentially just rubbing alcohol so that will suffice.

Nail cleaner, for dip nail

Now that they’re clean you’re ready to start. I start with a base coat. It’s not necessary but it seems to help adhere the dip to my nails.

Pro-fx sticky nail base

When your base coat is dry your ready to start. First coat one nail with the base gel and dip instantly into the powder. The base gel dries pretty quickly so you have to do it one nail at a time. After they’ve been dipped brush off any excess powder with a fluffy brush. If you buy this kit it comes with a sponge to wipe away excess powder. Then follow up with the activator. Clean any left over powder and repeat… twice. Cleaning with the alcohol will help keep the base gel from picking up any of the dip powder causing the brush to harden and not apply a smooth coat. Also it’s best to get the brush all of the way back into the bottle when not in use so the gel doesn’t dry.

Dip nail polish

All that’s left of to smooth it all out with a nail file, an electric one is quicker and easier. I also do this in between the second and third coat as well. Once you’re finished coat it with a shiny top coat. My kit came with one but I prefer the one below. Now you have beautiful professional looking nails from the comfort of your own home. Using a cuticle oil regularly is wise because you really have to rough your nails up a lot.

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You need to update your skin care routine.

I’ve changed my skin care routine and your going to be shocked!! Ok maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. But I am loving this routine. It’s so easy too.

Why skin care is important.

So we all know that we need to wash our face. But do we know why? Poor skin care can lead to early signs of aging and while sure at 18 it’s fun to look older it’s not so much fun at 30. Bacteria from our hands can also linger inside pores causing breakouts. As some one who has always struggled with breakouts I try to make sure I always wash my face. Makeup is much easier to apply when you skin is clearer.

My routine.

Now obviously every one has their own routine but this has been mine lately. So I wash the rest with a Norwex Face cloth and warm water. This removes any makeup dirt oil and bacteria from my skin. After that I apply L’Oréal Lash Serum Solution to my upper and lower lash line. Then to help clear out any lingering toxins I spray VIIcode’s oxygen hydrating eye spray under my eyes and gently pat it in. After that’s finished I apply just a tiny amount of Formula 10.0.6 PM Perfector.

Vii code, Dark circles, skin care.


Xojohnnielynn, VII Code, eye masks, skincare

I don’t use masks everyday. Some of my favorites are from Formula 10.0.6 as you all know. But I’ve been using these oxygen eye mask from VIICode and they’re awesome. I just stick them onto clean dry skin and then go to sleep. Going to sleep isn’t necessary the brand recommends wearing the masks in the evening before you go to bed for 6-8 hours but you can wear them 2-4 hours if you feel uncomfortable sleeping with them on. For best results, the brand recommends 3 treatments per week and 3 boxes for a full course treatment

Like I said everyone has their own routine and skin care favorites. so please share with me yours in the comments below.

Before you go this blog post was sponsored by VII Code. Any compensation I received was to try out and share with you my own honest opinion.

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L’oreal lash serum solution*

I have been trying out L’Oréal lash serum solution eyelash serum and it’s amazing!!! This serum is a quick and easy way to get longer fuller lashes with out the need for expensive mascara or itchy false lashes. I love the false lash look but strip lashes kind of annoy me. I feel like they’re difficult to apply correctly and itchy so a serum that’s meant to

For transparency I do need to let you know that I didn’t pay for this. I was gifted this product from L’Oréal and Influenster in exchange for an honest review on L’Oréal and Influenster’s websites. I was not asked to write a blog post but I really wanted to tell you about it.

What is it?

L’Oréal lash serum

This is a serum to condition and nourish your lashes with glycerin, pro vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, madecassoside and arginine. This gentle serum is safe for sensitive eyes, and contact lenses.

How do I use it?

This serum is so easy to use. Simply twist the bottom until the product appears then let it click 5 times and apply to lash line. This product works best when used 2x daily for 4 weeks. You should let it dry for at least 60 seconds before applying mascara.

Would I recommend this to a friend?

Short answer, yes. I’m loving this, it works and is super easy to apply. It’s also very affordable at around $15. I love that this is a trustworthy brand too. I felt confident in applying with out researching what exactly was in this.

L’Oréal lash serum xojohnnielynn

If long thick eyelashes are something you want then you should give this a try. Let me know in the comments what if anything do you use to make your lashes look longer?

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Accept failure and move on.

Awe man how awesome were all of my blog posts for February? Oh right I didn’t post anything. I started the year with a goal of 2-3 blog posts every week. I started to fizzle the end of January and completely flopped all of February. So I have two choices, I can beat myself up about it. Or I can accept failure and move on.

Accept failure.

For me this is easy, mostly for the sad fact that that’s what I kind of expect anyway. I like to go through life not knowing what I’m doing and hopeing for the best. Anxiety really takes a toll on your self esteem. Also I tend to be a bit over dramatic and see every set back as failure.

The thing with failing at something is that it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It’s ok to not be perfect. One of the things I’ve often told m cheerleaders, is “I will never ask or expect you to be or do the best. I only ask for your best.” I try to remind myself the same thing. I don’t have to be the best. Just my best, which is definitely possible.

Moving on

I thought that I would share with you a few tricks that help me move on when I fail.

  • Give yourself A few minutes to feel sorry for yourself. It’s ok to be frustrated, assuming you don’t treat any one or anything poorly. Last weekend I made a cake for my nieces birthday and it turned out to be much smaller then I expected. I spent a good ten minutes yelling at the cake. But it ended up being big enough.
  • Take a deep breath, and shake it off. I had to remind myself that if I keep pouting then tay wouldn’t have a birthday cake. Or at least not one like she wanted.
  • Step back. If anyone else had made the cake I would t have thought anything of the size. It would have been fine. I find it’s like that with most things. We are way to hard on our selves.

I hope this helps or at least makes sense. How do you deal with failure or set backs? Go follow me on Twitter to hear about more times I fail at things.


Lavender oil: My favorite Essential oil from the PSK

Hi guys! Some of you may know that I love essential oils. I was hesitant at first because seriously how can a smell cure what medicine didn’t even help? Last summer I jumped on to the young living bandwagon and I haven’t looked back. Now yes young living is one of those paramid things where you try and get more people below you to make more. But you don’t have to do it as a business. You can just enroll and reap ths benifits of doscounted oils. I want to tell you about my favorite oil. Lavender oil.

Lavender oil

Young living lavender oil

I’ve been a long time fan of lavender essential oil. I first tried it about 5 years ago, my anxieties were so bad it was painful I was signed up to volunteer at a summer camp with church I didn’t want to go back on the medication* so I thought I would try essential oils. Lavender oil is soothing, and can lull you to sleep, calm anxious nerves and it has a ton of bacteria killing abilities.

I’m not going to lie I didn’t love the smell of it, and it took a bit to get used to it. Once I did, I loved it. It smells comforting and soothing.

I started using it by rubbing 2-3 drops in my hands then running them through my hair. I’d also taken a bit of felt and glued it to the back of plastic BFF necklace my niece gave me. I also put it in my diffuser and let them comforting smell soothe me to sleep.

Check out this DIY: whipped body oil

Where do I get it?

I purchase my oils through young living. They don’t reccomed using oiles from like the grocery store since the FDA doesn’t check them so there’s no way to know know what you’re getting is pure and safe. Young living has a seed to seal promise. Where they gurantee that it’s pure and safe.

If you’re interested you can sign up and purchase your own Premium Starter kit (which includes lavender) here. When you do you will also beavlebto purchase

Young Living Premium Starter Kit. Essential Oils

*Obviously I’m not a doctor so please don’t stop taking any medications without consulting one first.

Young living Lavender Oil