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December, Ipsy Glam bag

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the month. My Ipsy bag came in. I will never not be excited when I see the bright pink envelope. FormulaX Nail polish in Revved up. I think this is my favorite product from this month. I love the shimmery rose gold color. It’s a great color, for Christmas time and sparkley…

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Quick and easy hairstyles for kids

I think one of my favorite things to do with the girls is their hair.  Mostly it’s just an “Elsa braid” or “Anna braids” (one or two French braids). I love trying to do other things with their hair as well.  However working with toddlers anything you need them to be still for, for any amount of time it helps…

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This has been a very long, very good weekend.  We had a great thanksgiving, then I found Sunday that I had gotten a package in the mail.  Ok It came Saturday but I am really bad at checking the mail. I had ordered makeup brushes a couple weeks ago off, and they finally came.   Ok so if you don’t know…

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Product Wars: Eye Primers

For the longest time I would always get frustrated with my eyeshadow because of the fact that either A) I would get a line along the crease of my eye or B) after a couple hours it would just have faded away completely. So I bought E.L.F. Shadow lock primer and that helped a lot.  It’s nice and creamy and locks the…

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Color change nail polish 

Last night I went with Ashley and Taylor (my sister and my niece) to go see The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay pt 2, which was AMAZING! btw. Since I had gone to the movies I couldn’t fix my nail polish that was chipped way more then my annoyance could handle, but I did it anyway. So of course after painting…

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