Top Netflix Picks

Hey guys,,

This summer I’ve completely embraced the lazy summer vibes, and spent a lot of my mornings cuddled up with my 5 yo bff watching Netflix.  Normally I don’t allow a lot of tv. Especially in the summer when we can go out side all day.  I’ve been so relaxed with the T.V. that our morning routine was cuddle up and watch a movie, and eat breakfast on the couch.  Then when I had switched up our routine because our afternoon nap was no longer working out and she started taking nap time to fist thing in the morning.  We would then rest up and watch a movie after lunch time,  if we weren’t at the beach which we didn’t get to got to as much as I’d have liked. 

Since I’d spent such a productive summer I thought that I would share with you our Top 5 Netflix picks.  The movies that we watched over and over, and the tv shows that we binged on. You never sit down to watch just one episode on Netflix do you? It’s always one more. Right? or is that just me. Any way…

The First thing we started watching was H20: Just Add Water.  I’ve been obsessed with mermaids lately, so when Sharon asked to watch it I was all for it. She actually wanted the Netflix cartoon version but I talked her out of it.  The show follows three teenage girls who through a magic moon pool become mermaids when ever they get wet.  It’s an older show, I think it was on in 2006, and was created for probably 10-14 year olds as there is a bit of romance, and drama.  Nothing too heavy though, it’s mostly the girls trying to get a hang of their newly found powers, and trying to live a normal life despite their tales that appear when they’re too close to water. Magic, Mermaids, I mean what else do you need. I’ve also found that two of the girls in this show, are also in another series that I watch The Vampire Diaries, and the spin off The Originals. 

The Other show we were bingeing on is The Littlest Pet Shop.  I don’t love Cartoons but Sharon loves it, so I let her watch it.  In this cartoon, a teen girl moves in an apartment above a pet shop and discovers she can talk to and understand the animals.  Most of the show is about the silly situations the animals get themselves into, or Blythe having to deal with mean girls the biscuit twins, or her spending time with her friends,  Over all it’s a good hearted show.

So Movies, When ever I let them choose what movie to watch its one of three. When I choose it’s an old Disney film of course.  The first one that they really got into was Trolls.  I mean we get to go with the Optimistic Princess Poppy, and the grumpy Branch on an adventure to save the trolls from the burgen. Who are trying to eat the trolls, but that’s only because its only way to be happy.  I love the soundtrack to this film too, we listen to it all of the time.

The next movie they got hooked on was Moana.  Ok seriously who hasn’t seen Moana. The daughter of the Island Chief sailing across the ocean to save her people.  This movie is so good. I didn’t mind watching it everyday.  Like trolls this has an amazing soundtrack, I love the song Shiny.  Such a great movie.

The last movie is one we just started watching all of the time. Sing, because who wouldn’t want to watch a cartoon animal version of American Idol.  In order to save his theater Buster Moon sets up a singing competition.  Again this movie has some great songs.  We only really love a few from the movie.  Sharon loves I’m Still Standing She will stop what ever she’s doing and start dancing.  which is great when she’s being a bit crazy.  Then we all like Set it all Free, and other one that will stop the kids from what they’re doing and they start dancing. It’s great to have songs that will stop the kids in their tracks, and get them dancing. Weather they’re being way to hyper, or too whiney  for the sake of your sanity find them a song they can’t get enough of.

So those were the kids, and my Top 5 Netflix Picks.  However when the kids go home, and I get the T.V. my Favorite thing to watch this summer was Supernatural.  I tried watching it a few years ago, but it may have gotten to be too scary so I turned it off.  Yes I am that much of a baby. Then this summer I turned it back on again and made it through all 12 seasons, It’s so good!  I also re-watched/caught up on Reign, and The Originals.

I love Netflix.  It’s literally the best thing ever invented! What are you currently Bingeing on Netflix? I need to know what to put on next…  Have you seen any of these shows??? what did you think of them?

Calming Chaos with GoNoodle

Hey guys!

I babysit two balls of Chaos disguised as toddlers.  I mean that’s the only way to describe them really.  Most of my days are spent chasing the little one from the kitchen table chairs, too the other side of the room and the diffuser, to the drawers with the crayons, then we start all over all while playing with Sharon.  Now add a second busy kid.  They definitely keep me busy, but it’s fun.  I have so much fun.  Like all toddlers they end up  getting too crazy.  When that starts I pull out my Ipad and load up Go Noodle.  They love it!

A while ago, one of the girls asked me if they could play GoNoodle on my computer.    She had played it in school.  So I loaded up the site, and we signed up.  It’s filled with a ton of kid friendly songs, to sing and dance along with.  We have so much fun with the songs, the kids will sit and sing and dance along for as long as I let them.  It’s great when I need to make lunch, and the kids need more attention.

I have the app so we use that more then the website.  The app is so easy to navigate Sharon can if put on a new song if I’m with one of the other kids or in the kitchen getting lunch sorted.  As a rule I don’t allow the boys to, because they’re not allowed to touch the iPad.  It’s definitely comforting knowing that busy playing and dancing and not bickering or getting in to anything they shouldn’t be. This app has saved me so many times.

We spend most of our time in the “moosetube” category.   The songs are so much fun and the directed dancing keeps them busy.   I love watching them all dancing together and getting along. I mean they typically get along they are very good kids despite the chaos that takes over when we’re stuck inside too long.  The songs are also great for car singalongs since my radio doesn’t work (and a new one is low on my prirority list) we can just make our own music.

One of the kids favorite things is the little character you get.  Every song you play you get a point, and when you get 10 you get another item to decorate you character with.  It’s definitely a great incentive to keep playing.

We don’t watch a lot of TV.  So I love that I can keep, them occupied without them being sat down in front of a tv show.  A few years ago, when I needed the kids occupied I put on Signing Time with Alex and Leah.  They learnt (learned- I’m still not sure which it is some one please tell me int the comments) enough sign language that I could correct their behavior from across a room with out having to shout.  I love that they can be occupied and up and moving.  It uses up their excess energy, which makes nap time way easier for me.

If you have kids you need to look into this app. Especially on rainy days, because it will get them moving, tire them out, and it’s free (and not full of adds).

Have you played on this app before?

Sweet hairstyles for your little girls.

Hey guys

Valentines day is coming up, and my valentines day plans include movies while cuddled up with my cats (yes, I am that lame). I thought about doing a valentines makeup look, but I kind of feel like every other beauty blogger out there is also doing a valentines makeup look. So to mix it up a bit, and I’m going to show you two different fairly easy hairstyles that would be perfect for you or your little girl this valentines day.

Ok for the first one I braided her hair into a rose.  What I did was separate the front parts of her hair, braided it and secured it with a small elastic band.  Then very carefully I  rolled the braid carfully up so that it laid flat and secured it with a couple hair pins.  I just left the rest of her hair alone but it would look so cute curled.

This one was a bit harder to figure out. What I did, was separated the front of her hair from the back by drawing the top of a heart in her hair with the back of a comb, and tied the bottom off to the side with a hair tie. Then I tied up half of the top.  Then I French braided her hair following the outline that I made, then again on the other side and secured them together with an elastic band.


I love both of these hairstyles. They’re so pretty, and they are quick and easy  to create. I mean it definitely helps that my little hair model is willing to sit, while I tie up her hair.  So If you’re looking for a pretty  way to style yours or your daughter’s hair I hope this helped.

Kids do my Makeup

This week there has been a lot of snow days at school. So I thought I would take advantage of them by being a bit more lazy in the mornings and not getting my makeup done right away, I’ve just been putting it off till nap time really.  Well the other day, I thought we’d skip naps since if there was school Sharon wouldn’t get a nap anyway, and she’d been extra well behaved that morning so I wasn’t sure she needed a nap. So when I pulled out my makeup I thought I’d let the girls give it a try.  Sharon’s only 4 but Taylor’s 10, and they’d both sat and watched me put makeup on many times. For the most part they know what brushes go where and in what makeup palette. So it’ll turn out just fine, right?

So I think it’s safe to say that the girls had a great time with this.

Taylor sort of knows what she’s doing, to be honest she’s probably better then I was at her age. She ran into a little bit of trouble with contouring, so she went back over with more foundation to blend and I think that went ok. For a blush, contour she used  Tanya Burr Cosmetics Rosy cheek palette, and highlight the Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow palette.   Then she moved on to my eyes, and used the red, and black from a NYX Sex Bomb eye palette,(she calls it “the one with the weird name”) and for mascara she used Pixel Triple Boost mascara On my lips Rimmel London Lasting Finish in 30 (which is her favorite of my lipsticks) Also it’s not kiss proof so do be careful you don’t get it on anything it’s not meant to be on.  Like your cat- sorry Tigre.  It’s been three days and he’s still got a pink spot.

Also can I just say that when she asked me what the beauty complexion sponge was for that’s not what I meant by “you dab”… (the picture on the bottom right corner.)

Sharon just went crazy with a Wet n Wild bright color palette and blended all of the colors from the lash line to the brow bone.  And then used some to fill in my brows aswell. I bet that’s going to be a new trend of 2o17 Green Eyebrows.  You know up until now everyone has always gone for a natural color brow, so I think this year we’re going to start seeing vibrant colors.  No? She also used the Tanya Burr Rosy Cheek pallet to contour, but Nyx for blush.  And she used the same rimmel London lasting finish 30 lipstick that taylor did.  Now it’s safe to say that she needs to work on her blending techniques, but other than that she did a great job.  For mascara she used Pixel Triple Boost mascara

They had so much fun doing my makeup for me, and I love putting it on them.

It’s funny to see which products they get excited over.  They Love the Tanya Burr Cosmetics, I’ve let them watch some of her makeup tutorials, because I know that those are safe.  I mean you see some and there is too much swearing, which tells me it’s not for children.  Sharon Loves Tanya’s Matte Lip Color (I have rhubarb and custard) She calls it the “Tiny Bear” Lipstick which makes me laugh.  Taylor also Loves the Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow palette.

This is definitely an experience.  Having two very young girls attempting to put makeup on you.  I struggled having my makeup done in a salon, I don’t like having hands coming at my face.  I was super flinchy (don’t think that’s a word) and almost every time they came at me with a brush or mascara wand I would back away.  But it was fun, I had fun.

So tell me have you ever let a child do your makeup for you?  Or have you had anyone do your makeup for that matter? Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon.  Bye.

Ask Your Children Tag

So this has been going around facebook for a while. You’re meant to ask your child a list of questions, and write down their answers with no prompting, or guiding in any way.  I didn’t think I could do it as I don’t actually have any kids.  I do however have a niece and a little one that I’ve been taking care of for 5 years.   So I decided to would ask them.

Whats something I  say a lot?
S: Come on Sharon.
T: I love you.
I guess when it’s a specific thing I do tell Sharon to come on, when she wakes up, or I’m picking her up at school.  I also definitely tell them I love them every day, multiple times every day. I had expected “have fun, be good.” Which is what I say when ever they leave me. Or even “swim fast, don’t drown” Great advice when I drop tay off for swimming.

What mkes me happy?
S: Being Good.
T: A day when no one is naughty.
Yep, when the kids are being good, it makes me very happy.  I tend to show them by treats and fun days.

What makes me sad?
S: Being Naughty
T: When you forget the words to a song
I’ve told them a once, “why are you being a pain…”(it was a playing around time) When they responded “in your butt?” I told them “no in my heart, because it makes me sad when you don’t listen.”  It does make me more sad then angry when act up. or when they’re disrespectful.  And I get so disappointed in my self if I forget the next line in a song.

How tall am I?
S: As tall as an elephant?
T: 5’5″
I’m only like 5’1” and I’m not sure why Sharon thinks elephants are so short but okay then.

How old am I?
S: 18
I guess I don’t ever talk to them about age, but I am 28, not 18. I promise.

What is my favorite thing?
S: Flowers (she also said wishing I liked pretzels.)
T: Songs
I do like flowers, daisys especially.  But songs, music is definitely one of my favorite things.  Although I am supprised that neither of them thought candy or skittles.

What is my job?
S: To keep me safe.
T: Babysitting.
When Sharon has gone in to full on tantrum mode (kicking and throwing herself around) I would hold her despite her wanting me to let her go, so that she doesn’t hurt her self. And just about every rule I have is because “it’s not safe”.  We cant run inside, can’t jump on the couch, can’t climb on the table, because some one is going to get hurt.

What did I want to be when I grow up?
S: A Spice Girl.
T: A Spice Girl.
Yep.  When I was little I wanted to be a spice girl. I knew Taylor knew that, but I didn’t know Sharon did.  When we talk about what we’re going to be when we grow up, I’ve told them when I was little I wanted to be a spice girl.  This is definitely my favorite answer.

What’s my favorite T.V. show?
S: Goldie and Bear.
T: Glee
Not sure why Sharon thinks I like goldie and bear, as we never watch it.  But Glee is definitely one of my favorite shows. It’s  actually on right now.  How many times can you re-watch a series before it becomes weird?

What’s something I like about you?
S: My eyes, because they’re blue like yours… and mommy and daddies.
T: When I don’t have an attitude.
I like so much about these girls.  I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about Sharon’s eyes, though, I love when she’s helpful, and how kind she is.  I like that she knows (at 4) to ask your friends for a hug and that if they say no it’s ok because “we respect people’s boundaries”.  I love that with Taylor, I’ve always got an obnoxious singing buddy, and that she’s so smart and kind.  While I could do with out the sass, she still doesn’t give too much attitude, and I think it does come with the age, but we’re working on it.  They’re good kids.

This was fun, I questioned the girls separately as Sharon was here early in the morning and Taylor didn’t come over till lunch time.  I liked finding out the things they’ve realized about me. I’m not gonna lie I would have never guessed that either of them would know or even remember that when I was little I wanted to be a spice girl.  If you have kids, you should ask them these questions, because it was so much fun.