Hey guys. This has been on my mind for a while.  The other day, I received a message on facebook, a video of sheep being mistreated.  The reason it was sent was because we were talking, and a brand that I use and love has keratin in it that “comes from sheep’s wool, after they get a shearing.  No animals are harmed for or in the production of our items.” (Taken … Continue reading Control

Weekly update March 20

Hey guys, This week went great! Sharon came back from her week off. She had gotten her tonsils removed the week before. So this week she was sore and grumpy, but we had a more laid back kind of week.  There was a bit more TV time, and plenty of morning naps.  The snow came back Tuesday we got about a foot of it.  I am tired of the snow, I miss the sun and I want to go … Continue reading Weekly update March 20