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Color change nail polish 

Last night I went with Ashley and Taylor (my sister and my niece) to go see The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay pt 2, which was AMAZING! btw. Since I had gone to the movies I couldn’t fix my nail polish that was chipped way more then my annoyance could handle, but I did it anyway. So of course after painting my nails I went to sleep and smudged it up. So today I had to fix them again. I do this way more often do then I should.  


What I used: Del sol color change nail polish in reckless, and white nail polish 

I really like color change nail polish, I have several different bottles. All I did was paint my nails a pearly white, and then I painted thin stripes of the color change polish,  I topped it win a clear top coat and went outside to watch them turn pink.  I do think that this would be a better idea for summer time as I spend more time outside in the summer but I couldn’t come up with a fall like idea so summer type it is 😉