Hey guys.

This has been on my mind for a while.  The other day, I received a message on facebook, a video of sheep being mistreated.  The reason it was sent was because we were talking, and a brand that I use and love has keratin in it that “comes from sheep’s wool, after they get a shearing.  No animals are harmed for or in the production of our items.” (Taken from their website) The products aren’t tested on animal either.  She doesn’t seem to believe that it’s possible that a brand could possible teat the animals kindly.  It is possible to sheer a sheep with out hurting it, and keratin is great for your hair

Anyway.  I get this awful video that I don’t want to see then she tells me that it’s graphic, and then little bit of back and forth of her giving me a hard time, because I believe that it’s possible for brands who get things from animals to do it kindly.  Fine, call me naïve, because I like to think that there are good people. Let me live in my happy bubble.

Although tbf She’s also pretty Naïve, and living in a bubble. To believe every thing she sees on the internet.  Then to assume that if one person is bad, then every one it.  Some of the things that she’s shared on FB on animal abuse have been proven to be false. Videos can be cut and pieced back together to make it look like people are being cruel.  Photos can be photo shopped, and stories and be interpreted to mean what you want.  If I wanted to make a point I would with out a second thought exaggerate, and manipulate  things to work in my way.

The point of this is not for me to vent or complain, or to even imply that someone’s being mean to me online. It’s about remembering that I have control over who interacts with me online. I get to decide that if you’re being disrespectful I don’t have to listen to it. I blocked her after I told her I was done talking about, said good bye and clicked block.

I think a lot of people forget that, I know I have. You end up with people on your friends list that you don’t actually want on there, or that you shouldn’t have on there. You know those people who post things that just kind of ruin your day, but you really can’t delete them for whatever reason. Maybe that’s just me.

So if someone is sending you something you don’t like, or being rude or disrespectful the easiest thing to do is block them.