Dip nail how to

I love nail polish. I love having my nails look nice, and having them bright fun colors. Doing my nails is also a bit therapeutic. Any thing that requires attention and focus -only for a short amount of time- seems to be therapeutic and calming to me. I can only focus for so long before I get bored and quit. I also tend to smudge my nails every time because I’m too impatient to wait for them to dry. Gel polish is nice but they seem like more of a hassle then they’re worth. So I thought I’d try dip nail polish, and ::SPOILER ALERT!:: I loved it.

How do you apply dip nail polish?

It’s easy, a bit time consuming but totally worth it. So first you’re going to want to file. File everything you really need to rough up the surface of your nail so there’s something to stick to. After abusing your nails you’ll want to clean the dust off of them. I bought this one, but it’s essentially just rubbing alcohol so that will suffice.

Nail cleaner, for dip nail

Now that they’re clean you’re ready to start. I start with a base coat. It’s not necessary but it seems to help adhere the dip to my nails.

Pro-fx sticky nail base

When your base coat is dry your ready to start. First coat one nail with the base gel and dip instantly into the powder. The base gel dries pretty quickly so you have to do it one nail at a time. After they’ve been dipped brush off any excess powder with a fluffy brush. If you buy this kit it comes with a sponge to wipe away excess powder. Then follow up with the activator. Clean any left over powder and repeat… twice. Cleaning with the alcohol will help keep the base gel from picking up any of the dip powder causing the brush to harden and not apply a smooth coat. Also it’s best to get the brush all of the way back into the bottle when not in use so the gel doesn’t dry.

Dip nail polish

All that’s left of to smooth it all out with a nail file, an electric one is quicker and easier. I also do this in between the second and third coat as well. Once you’re finished coat it with a shiny top coat. My kit came with one but I prefer the one below. Now you have beautiful professional looking nails from the comfort of your own home. Using a cuticle oil regularly is wise because you really have to rough your nails up a lot.

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