Embrace Yourself.

Embrace yourself, your flaws, your quirks, the things that make you special and the things that make you the same.

The realization…

I don’t or well for the longest time I didn’t. I’d forgotten how subdued I’d kept a lot of my self. While I was taking down my Christmas tree I’d noticed this ornament.

Yep out of literally hundreds of choices at Bronners– the worlds largest Christmas store- this was the only one to represent me. Yes I’m left handed, but surely there was something to better fit my personality. Only the thing is I didn’t have much of a personality. I hid every part of myself, anything that might draw any kind of attention. I was an uncredited extra in my own life, blending into the background.

Express yourself

Maybe this was all a part of my anxiety. To be fair most of what I do can be linked back to my anxiety some how either caused by it or I pushed myself to spite it. I am constantly working on reminding myself that if it makes me happy, and doesn’t effect anyone else then I need to do it. Weather it’s a sweater that says something silly, or just about anything mermaid I need to go all in.

Honestly, I think since I’ve started embraceing all of the parts of me that I’d pushed away, I’ve been happier. Especially since it’s becoming more and more natural. I’m still very much aware of what I do and how it reflects on me, but not to the same extent. I’ve also realized that practically no one is paying attention to what I’m doing.

Embrace yourself!!

If you take anything away from this post I hope it’s that you can be yourself completely and you should. You need to embrace your self and share the you you hide. Please remember that If it make you happy, and doesn’t hurt anyone then do it.