Endless Summer Voxbox*

A few months ago I heard of a website/app called Influenster.  It’s a reviewing app, Where you can browse products and write mini product reviews.  You can also ask questions, and get answers from people who’ve actually used the products.  You can also answer other peoples questions as well.Voxbox cover

I’ve been having so much reviewing products on there and reading mini reviews from everyone else.   As you review products you can earn points and badges.  Another thing this site does is give away “Voxboxs”  A voxbox is filled with products that, if you qualify, you get to test and review.

I had qualified for a few, but was never chosen to receive one, until a few weeks ago.  I was so happy when I seen it in my mailbox.  I couldn’t wait to try everything.

voxbox4Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner- This is from MaxfactorX.  I had never heard of this brand before, but it’s great.  I love that it has a unique paddle-shaped tip, so it can draw both a thin and a bold line.  I don’t really care for felt tip liquid eyeliners, as the tips tend to not draw how I want it to, but this tip is firm so it does.  Not only is this easy to use but it stays put all day.

voxbox 3Masterpiece Max High Volumer, and Definition Mascara- This is also from MaxfactorX.  I thought the eyeliner was cool, this mascara is fantastic!!!  It’s easily the best mascara I have tried, and I’ve tried a lot.  They gave my lashes volume with out clumping, which makes it perfect especially for the bottom lashes.

voxbox 2Way to Grow Leave-in Conditioner-  This is by a brand called Not Your Mothers.  Oddly when I first tried a product from them it was my mothers.  I don’t use a lot of hair products, my hair tends to get oily and products just make it worse. But I sprayed it on my hair this morning and I have had no problems.  I just sprayed it on my hair roots to tips combed  through it, then dried my hair.  My hair feels so soft because of it.  It has Procapil in it to fortify, detangle protect against breakage, therefore it promotes growth.  As an added bonus it smells amazing.

voxbox 5Seche Nail polish- I got this in the color Intrepid and a small bottle of Top Coat.  So this color is a bright purple/pink like color, it is the best summery color. The top coat is amazing.  I love real glossy nail polish, it just looks so pretty.  Also it’s been 4 days and no chips!

voxbox 6Numi organic Tea- They sent me Turmeric Fields of Gold, Jasmine Green, and Emperor’s Pu•erh .  I drink a lot of tea, but not a lot of flavors.  I mostly just drink Chamomile, and Throat Coat.  I did try the Emperor’s Pu•erh that one was good, I really liked this.  I don’t like green tea, or jasmine, so I don’t think I’ll like Jasmine Green.

voxboxIron Tek Essential Protien Powder.–  I don’t drink protein drinks, not really.  I mean I was for a little while, and occasionally I’ll have one. It is non-gmo, and gluten free,  and tastes great.

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*These samples were provided by Influenster sent to me for an honest review



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