February goals

Hey so you may have noticed that I had started to fizzle out on my goal to write 2/3 posts a week. I started out well and had them written and posted every week. Atround the end of the month I’d gotten overwhelmed and pulled away.

Why did I get overwhelmed?

Well easy answer, I just do. Cheerleading has been time consuming, we even went to our first competition. We weren’t as prepared as we should have been and we deff need to add more stunts and skills. We had to cut off the end as they learned it the night before. Another thing that happened maizy was being uncharacteristically aggressive towards tigre. So when I was home I kept her tied up on a leash. I’ll explain later. I couldn’t do much. I’ve just been struggling to find time.

Begin again

Right, so… I am going to again. I decided that I am going to make new goals for in February while still keeping my ones from January. I’m still going to try and keep posting more often and posting on Instagram everyday. But I am going to add another one to this list.

February goals

  1. Declutter- I swear I’m a borderline hoarder. I hold on to everything. I have a few boxes of things that I will probably never touch. I’m just not going to have any use for them. But do I throw them away? No I pack it up and let it take up too much of my limited space. I would like to stop saving things that I don’t need.
  2. Be more orginized- If you were to go into my tiny cramped room you will notice that I have clothes everywhere. Clean clothes in baskets and dirty all over the floor. More clean ones crammed in and on a tiny dresser. I’m not proud of this, I need to figure out to keep things organized.

I think I’m going to stop there. I’m still going to try and keep up with my blog and Instagram maybe tweet more too. Mostly my goal is to clean more. With only one week left in cheerleading and this time until fall it going to be easier.

I’m not going to lie being away from the house from 7 am till after 8pm it’s really hard to keep up with the house work. But I’m working on it. A big help is that I’d signed up for the Grove Collaborative. Being able to buy safer natural cleaning supplies online is the best thing. In my first order I’d gotten free with the VIP trial several Mrs. Meyers brand products and I had picked out a bunch of Method products.

Tell me what are your goals for this month? Leave them in the comments. Also any orginization tips would be awesome.