Finding out who’s going to be calling me aunt soon

Last week the kids must have decided that they didn’t need to listen as they were being quite defiant.  Not particularly bad, but they def weren’t being good.  To be fair it was another, and hopefully our last “adjustment week”.  As it was the first week that I had all three kids, and Sharon had school.  So Lukas who doesn’t care about my naptime schedual sometimes goes to be early, or just be super tired by the time lunch is over, he now has another hour to wait for nap time.  Normally they eat  lunch between 10:45 and 11:00 then go straight to bed.  Well now Sharon starts school at 12:00 so they have to wait until after we  drop her off.  Neither one can they both fall asleep in the car which leaves me with having to carry both boys in the house.  I think it’s the only time I’m grateful for Jake being in a carrier seat.  Then they sleep until I wake them up to pick up Sharon and we hang out for another half hour while we wait to get Taylor. Thursday I’d had enough of the little ones rough behavior I just brought down a pac-n-play and stuck him in there with some toys.  He’d been in time out too many times.  It must have helped because Friday they were so well behaved.

Saturday there was a football game.  Our girls had to cheer in the rain.  Well it wasn’t exactly raining, it was more of a mist.  There was not enough rain soak through our clothes, but enough to cause my hair to start to curl in strange ways and be a frizzy mess.  Although to be fair snow does it too. We went and did some shopping too, I guess that’s the good thing about having all away games.  Next weeks game will be home, the girls are performing a dance during half time, and I’m super excited for them.

Sunday I found out that I was getting a nephew.  I am so excited, though I feel I’m a better Aunt to a girl, but Landin’s never complained.  I Love being an aunt.  It’s probably my favorite thing to be.  She had a Gender Reveal with local family. Her boyfriend was the only one to know what it was.  He filled a Piñata with a bunch of blue, and Taylor got to break it open.  I’m so happy for them, and can’t wait for mid February when he’ll get here.

Also over the weekend I moved my blog over to self hosted.  I didn’t realize that I’d lose all of my subscribers, so do make sure you are subscribed, as you don’t want to miss a post. Especially since I am posting everyday this month.  or I’m going to try and post everyday this month. So if there’s anything you’d like to read just let me know.