Full face using Pixel products*

Hey guys.

So The other day I told you about the opportunity I got to work with pixel. Well not only did they send me nail polish, but they sent tons of makeup.  So I put together a look using only Pixel products.

I used :

Triple Boost Gel Foundation- I love the gel formula, this foundation has amazing coverage. Mine is in the shade 2 which is a bit too dark for me so I mixed in half a pump of my colorstay foundation as well.

Triple Boost Gel Concealer– I used these to contour. So I uses shades 02, 03, and 06. I used 03 to cover blemishes.  Then 02 under my eyes to brighten them up.  Then I used a tiny amount of the 06 to contour.  These concealers are amazing! They’ve got excellent coverage and blend out well.  Plus they worked great for trying to contour.

Baked Eyeshadow– I used the color glowing as a highlight.  I like the colors and the light glittery effect they give off, but they aren’t very pigmented. and it takes a bit of work to get the colors to show up.

Pixel Pro Eyeshadow– I started with “loving” as a base all over my lid. Then I took “Riveting” in the center, and ” Hilarious” on the outer corner and through the crease. Then just blended them all together.

Party Proof Eyeliner– In purple to line  my upper lash line.  I really like the party proof eyeliner.  I love that it has a brush tip and not a felt tip. I find like the felt tips dry out too quickly.  Just make sure you don’t store it upside, because it will spill out in your eye.

Pixel Pro eyeliner– I lined my upper and lowerwater line with “Magical” and the outer corner. And “Sassy” on my lower lash line.  These work great and stay put real well.  I also love that they come with a pencil sharpener in  the cap, and a smudge bit on the end.

Lip Butter– I have fallen in love with the color “Loving”. I love this lip butter.  It’s got a creamy texture, and a very buildable color.  Which makes trying new more bold colors a little less scary.

Triple Boost Mascara– I love this mascara.  The best part of working with them is getting more this.  I haven’t found a mascara that I like better then this for a more natural look.  It gives my lashes enough of a boost to look awake, and pretty but not too much to the point of false lashes.

Triple Boost Matte Powder– After all that I used this to set my makeup.  I love this powder! I use it all of the time.

Pixel is a pretty new brand they launched in August of 2016. I love this brand, they sell good products, at affordable prices. They are an inclusive brand, trying to fufill multi-ethnic, multi-generational, cosmetic needs by delivering innovative, delightful products at a great value. They are about empowering all women, celebrating women and their independent lives by building inner and outer confidence through new colors, new looks, new products, one pixel at a time. You should definitely try them out, you can find them online at pixelcosmetics.com or I found them originally at k-mart. Also check them out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

*Products were sent to me by Pixel for an honest review