Girls Night In with Valentia

My moms friend is in town, so that of course meant I needed a sleep over with Her daughter Lauryn and my niece Taylor.  What should you do with a couple of 10 year old girls?  Facials, so I pulled out my Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask from Valentia.  valentia

My first impression of this was that it was GREAT!  With Cranberry, and hibiscus fibers this mask exfoliates and smells amazing.  The Kaolin clay plus dirt, oils, and other toxins.  So when I’m done my skin feels so fresh, clean and smooth.  Valentia sleep over

I used makeup brush so I could apply it evenly. Then  we waited about 15 minutes for it to dry, we ate ice cream while watching a silly musical in true sleep over style.   When it was dry I used a wash cloth and warm water to wash it off.

We did find that if you have irritated skin this mask might sting a bit. My niece used the ultra plumping hydration mask from Valentia, which that cleared most of her irritated dry patch of skin on her face.
Valentia sleep over 3

As you all know, I love Valentia, and what they stand for, and so does my skin.  When you buy off amazon they send emails with recipes, and extra information , which to me shows they care and want you to get you to have the best experience with them. Since I started using Valentia products my skin has been quite well behaved, and I’ve been able to go out not wearing much makeup.  I’m happy that Valentia gave me, my niece and her friend a super fun girls night in.


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Valentia Sleep over 2

* This post contains PR samples sent to me for an honest review.