Going back to work

Hey Guys,

guess what! I went back to work…  Well not that I wasn’t working before. I’ve worked from my home for the past 5 years. I really like wearing pajamas all day and having all the time I wanted to put makeup on.

Where did I go back to?

About 7 years ago I started working at an in-home-daycare. It was great and I loved the kids. My boss had decided to take some time and have a child of her own, so I started watching in my own home.

However that had fizzled out over the past 5 years as my children grew up and started school or moved away. I only watched kid of friends and then this year  down to my last two and one of them started kindergarten. When I was asked to go back to the previous home daycare I said yes.

What’s different?

I’m still basically doing the same job I’ve always done.  Still babysitting only now instead of spending all day with one little one I’ve got 3-5.  I’m also not the only adult so I’ve not had to cook at all which is good because I’m really bad at cooking.  When I was working from home I would wake up, take a shower, put on clean pajamas and blow dry my hair.  That was it until jake went down for his nap. Now I have to put on real clothes and makeup as well as drying my hair. So I have to wake up earlier… So I get less sleep but more hugs.

Was it a good choice?

Yea. I am happy I chose to come back. I am struggling to adjust to the new schedule, but other than that it’s been great.  The kids are great, and the other two child care providers are some of the nicest people.  The only complaints I have is that I have to wake up earlier.  My makeup routine has gotten much simpler, but I need some suggestions on a good long wear smudge proof foundation.  Toddlers don’t care how much time or money is spent on makeup… they’ll wipe it off anyway.

My anxiety and stress is all over the place right now too.  It should go back to normal soon, once I adjust all of the way.  I’d gotten so accustom to being home just me and Jake, being able to do what and when I want. Now I’m with two other people who I’m fully anxiety free with,  and on someone else’s schedule.  I’m going to be spending a few weekends doing nothing but sleeping, but there are worse things I can do.  I could have gone to work some where that I hate.  Going back was a great way to start the year.