Harry Potter tag

Hey guys,
So I know I am very late posting, and I missed Friday’s post, I’m sorry. I promise I am trying to be organized and I have up through October planned out. and some of November, so all I need to do is keep motivated.
Anyway last week I found out that one of my favorite bloggers (Naomi Tagged me in a Harry Potter tag. Now I’m going to admit to something, I am not a big Harry Potter fan. I watched the movies and I liked them a lot, but they just weren’t a big part of my growing up.
If you don’t know you can go on to “ pottermore and take quick quizzes to determine all of the answers you will need for this tag.

What house are you in?
I was sorted into the Hufflepuff house. Hufflepuffs are loyal, patient, fair, hard-working, and true. Most of that I hope is true. I am not patient, at all I can’t wait for anything.

What is your Patronus?
The Patronus charm is one that summons up a guardian which usually takes form on an animal. Mine is a tortoiseshell cat. I love this answer, Maizy is a tortoiseshell cat. NGL three years ago she totally saved me, I was falling apart before I adopted her.

What is your wand?
My wand is made out of willow wood, which is an uncommon wood with healing powers. Willow wood is ideal for people with a lot of insecurities that they are trying to hide. Lets pretend we didn’t just read that, yea? It’s also got a Unicorn Hair core, which is consistent good so less likely to turn to the dark arts and faithful, but it’s not the most powerful.

What would your Boggart be?
So a Boggart is a creature that models it’s self after your fears, so most likely mine would turn into a crowd of people. on a cliff… in the dark.

What position would you play in Quidditch?
I’ve never been much into sports. I’m just not coordinated enough. So I would be in the stands pretending I know what’s going on. i.e. cheering when everyone else does.

Would you be a pure blood, half blood, or muggle born.
I’m muggle born, meaning I’ve only seen the movies.

What job would you want to have after graduating Hogwarts?
I would like Hagrid’s job, taking care of the creatures… Basically i just want a pet dragon

Which of the deathly hallows would you choose?
I would choose the invisibility cloak. I mean I was basically invisible during high school.

What’s your favorite/least favorite book?
I haven’t read any of the books.

What is your favorite/least favorite movies?
My favorite movie would have to be The Goblet of Fire. I don’t really have a least favorite.

Favorite character?
Luna Lovegood, obviously Honestly if she were a real person I think we’d get along great.

Least favorite character?
Malfoy’s dad. He just seems awful.

Who is your Favorite Teacher?
Professor McGonagall.. I don’t know why she just is.

Who is your least favorite teacher?
Quirrell, He literally brought “you-know-who” into hogwarts.

Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?
I don’t really have any opinions on the series to be honest. I liked it but i didn’t love it.

Who would you save from the final battle?
Dumbledore, did he make it to the final battle?

While I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan I did really enjoy writing this post, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.  However, if you want to read a post that is so full of Harry Potter love make sure you check out this one from Disaster Davis.co.uk