Hi, My name is Johnnielynn or .  So I have been reading a lot of blogs lately (I’m blaming pinterest) and since I am about as impressionable as a toddler I have decided that I want to write one too. So I started Xojohnnielynn.

There are a lot of people out there that write blogs, so why can’t I? Well to start with I have rewritten this about five times now, because I am not sure enough about myself to just be happy with the first try.  But it’s something that I want to do. Maybe I’ll make myself look like an idiot online, maybe no one will even read it.  Or maybe some one will, maybe I could do great things with it.  Maybe I could make someone feel a bit less alone, maybe something I share can help someone. That would be more then I could expect.  If I am being honest I don’t exactly think that I will make a big difference.