How to get motivated for spring cleaning

Hey guys… spring is here. The suns shining and the weather is warming up. Which means it’s time to start spring cleaning. If you should know anything before reading this post it’s that I suck at cleaning.  I get easily overwhelmed and just put it off.  I’m also terrible at organizing so I just struggle with it all along.  So it seemed like the best time to share with my tips and tricks on spring cleaning

Find inspiration.

Where ever you can find something to inspired your need to clean. Mine comes from social media. Mrs. Hinch’s instagram is the most motivating. I’ve never seen anyone who seems more happy to be cleaning then her. Not only does she make cleaning look enjoyable she gives tips on ways to make it easier.  Seriously though the more I watch her clean or talk about cleaning and cleaning products the more likely I am to work harder.

Make it fun

When it’s time to get the kids I hang out with to pick up I always make it fun. Usually I challenge them to pick up all of the toys before the next song ends. I also like to see who can pick up the fastest.  For me it’s not that easy to trick myself into it. However I found some ways to make it fun. Music is one, either grab the earbuds, or turn it up and sing along or dance along and ,are cleaning not so dull.  Audio  books are a great mood saver. I can’t just sit somewhere turn on an audio book and listen to it… so cleaning is the perfect time for that. And using my scribed app I have access to tons of audio books.

Find products you feel good about.

I get a strange sense of enjoyment in cleaning products. My current favorite brand of cleaning products is Method home. They are natural and plant based so they’re safe to use around children and pets. Method is the only brand I’ve been using. Windows, surfaces, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, everything. 

Now that I’ve got the cleaning part figured out I just need to learn how to organize. Does anyone have and tips and tricks for orginizing??? Send help.

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