I’m not a grown up because…

 While I was taking the girls to school today, on the radio they were talking about the child like things they do, and why they’re not an adult. Then I realized that even though in just a few weeks I will be 28 I still haven’t “grown up”.

I started thinking about all of my child like traits. And there are a lot.

  Let’s start with the most obvious, these are my favorite pair of sunglasses. They were shaped like hearts so I had to buy them.

I also have a headband that’s shaped like a tiara.  When it’s on, I looks like a normal glittery headband, but tipped on it’s side you can see the tiara shape.  I bought it figuring no ones going to really tell that it’s a tiara and I can relive my dreams of being a princess.  Then I remembered that most people are taller then me, there for they can see the design of the tiara. 

More often then not, I don’t actually brush my hair… I don’t have a reason, maybe it’s because I keep losing my hair brush.

 I can’t handle sugar. If I drink even just a can of Coke I end up bouncing off the walls. Now before you go on about caffeine, I Sprite and Faygo make me hyper too.

I will pay extra for a pretty color, or glitter.

  I wear mismatched socks.  That’s not true they match they just aren’t the same.  

I am impatient, I have such a hard time waiting for anything.

I even wear mismatched flip flops.  I buy a lot of the cheap $1.00 flip flops, but I’m also extremely disorganized, and some times i just can’t be bothered to find two of the same color.  So as long as I have a left, and a right shoe  I’m good to go.

I almost always have candy. I’ve actually got a drawer of candy, complete with fun dip, pixystix candy canes, and sour gummy worms.  Normally I’ve only got skittles, but I’ve given them up for lent.  Makes for the longest 40 days ever.

  I sleep with the lights on.  I am afraid of the dark, and I can’t sleep with the lights off. I had Christmas lights by my bed but they all burned out.  Now I have a diffuser, that has a light.. 

While talking about sleeping, I can’t sleep with out certain blankets.  I have like five tied up fleece blankets and a knitted one too.  When ever I go anywhere I have to make sure that I bring one of the fleece blankets, and the knitted one.

I talk to inanimate objects, and give them opinions.  For the record my computer hates me, and my phone loves to play hide and seek.

When I find a show that I like I obsess over it.  I started watching the 100 and I finished season 1 with in 24 hours.  Also that show is very emotional, I literally had a steady stream of tears through out the first like 8 episodes

Umm… I think that’s enough… For now… So tell me Do you still hold onto any child like behaviors?