I’m Pathetic…

When it comes to bugs, I am the biggest baby in the whole world.  There was a cricket in my house, we had to have the neighbor come over to kill it.  I killed a spider once, but it involved some shoe throwing, and a lot of screaming. I’m pretty sure that the neighbors thought I was being attacked, well they’ve lived next door for like 15 years so maybe they knew it was just a bug.

Except f0r bees.  I’m not afraid of bee’s, we have bees, well actually wasps, near my house like a lot, and they sometimes get in.  I’ll kill those with out a second thought.   I have had a bumblebee in the house.  I caught and released it outside, while the big girls locked themselves in the bathroom.  Luckily for me the kids aren’t scared of bugs, so they kill them.

So, you might be thinking, Johnnielynn, why are you telling us that you’re just a big baby?  Well Last week Monday I was woken up to a loud buzzing past my ear.  There was a very big, very gross bug going after my diffuser.  I hadn’t gone into my room for a whole week.  I just gave my room to that bug.  I’m still too scared to sleep in there, I’ve been sleeping on the couch all week.  Sunday evening was the first time I was in there for more then two minutes.I’m pretty sure it is, since it seemed to like the light, I turned my desk lamp in hopes of drawing it out so I could… well I’m not sure what my plan was. probably put it under a cup or something and just wait it out…  I never came out though.  I’m working on cleaning everything and moving it all around so I can be sure that the bug is gone.

I remember, during the summer, I left my windows down while I went into a store, when I came out there were thousands of mayflies all over my car.  I managed to get the few that made it in my car out, and got the window up.  After a few minutes, I found that I hadn’t gotten all of the mayflies. I quickly pulled off into the first parking lot, turned my flashlight on and carefully search my car to be sure. Then spent about 10 minutes trying beating my car with a beach towel to get them off of my car (incase one finds it’s way in).  Getting my groceries out of my car was tricky, as there were a few that got into my trunk too. Luckily for me there was some one had come to me to see if I was ok. I was trying to kick the mayflies off of my bags.

I am so pathetic, I just can’t cope with bugs. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to.