I’ve missed you

Hey guys,

So I know it’s been a while since I was here.  I’ve just not been satisfied with anything I’d done, stressed out or just busy.  So lets catch up with the few things that have come up since we last spoke.

My car broke down.  My mom, Ash, Zack and Tay went to see the Impractical Jokers live show. I chose not to go, because there would be too many people so I volunteered to stay home with Linkin.  Which is fine, until I realized that the third bottle I had for him was only a half of a bottle and I had to drive across town to get him another one for the night. When my car stalled out.

I got it off the road safely and had to call a friend to come get me. the next morning I had it towed home so my neighbor could fix it.  My Timing belt broke, which could have led to a lot of damages but luckily it didn’t and was fixed as soon as the part had come in.

Landin came to visit. He got to stay for just under 2 weeks, we took him home last Friday.  I’ve gotten around to seeing so many super hero movies. We watched The Avengers, Sky High, Captain America Civil War, and Big Hero 6 –  we’ve watched that one a lot.

Saturday we went to Dinosaur Gardens, which is a little outdoor like museum type place.  That was fun, and the weather was beautiful for being outside all day. Then we had to share Landin with his other grand parents, and his uncles. He back and we’ve got plans to go to the library after lunch, they’ve got a bat conservation person coming in to talk about the bats.

Fleas! A flea must have gotten a ride in someone’s bag. Friday I found one on Tigre, so both cats went straight in the tub.  I will not use flea stuff on my cats, I’m 99% sure that’s what killed Angel, and it didn’t even work.  Dawn Dish soap, the blue one that they use on oil spill animals, works great.  But since I’m just killing the ones currently on the cats I’ve been putting them in the tub every day. Tigre hated it the first time, he was just sat there crying on my shoulder, by the third bath he’s mostly accepted it. Maizy was fine with it at first, but now she’s lost her patience for it, and i have a few scratches from her protests.  When you are giving them a bath be sure to check between their toes, and their faces real well. Now Maizy is flea free, and Tigre’s few were all dead, I mixed up a spray I found Here to spay down the furniture so hopefully tonight they’re both flea free.  I’m not going to lie though in am so afraid that they’re going to get sick like Angel did. After 5 baths in 5 days I haven’t found any more, Plus it’s been a few days since then and they’re back to normal.

I hope you’ve all been good, and I will talk to you very soon