It’s not always sunshine and butterflies. 

It never fails, I can never have just one bad day.  It’s always days. Not that either day has been particularly bad, I just mess everything up.

So Saturday was good.  I coach elementary school cheerleading with my sister and another lady.  Since my niece is now in 5th grade she gets to travel so my sister and I go to all of the away games with the 5th and 6th grade girls.  This weekend was their first game.  The girls did amazing! I was so proud.  The boys did their best too, but unfortunately they lost the game.  But the girls never lost their spirit, they stayed positive!56-cheer
After the game we went over to Ashley’s (my sister) house because it was her boyfriends mothers birthday so we went for cake ice cream and pictionary. Ash me and our mom won. I love that we have a relationship with his parents, tiff’s in-laws too. I makes holidays easier too when we can all celebrate together.


Sunday not as good.  I had turned my alarms off the weekend before, when we were camping and forgot to turn it back on. So when 7:30 came around I wasn’t woken up for church, instead I woke up at 8:39. We have to leave at 8:45 to get there before 9 am. I put on just a tiny bit of makeup and clean clothes and left with out taking a shower. We were only a tiny but late. But then at the end I got roped into being a greeter once a month.  I mean I already teach CCD is that not enough? But I’m nearly incapable of saying no so I get stuck doing things I don’t want.

Then the third and fourth graders had their game.  Since they’re so little they just play themselves. The little girls did an amazing job. They were so cute, they cheered their little hearts out.  Some of the girls looked a bit nervous at first as it was the first game of the season and first ever for most of them.34-cheer

Now on to today.  I love Mondays.  I always have. Except today wasn’t as easy breezy as I expected.  I hadn’t dealt with school busses in about 5 years. When Taylor was in kindergarten she would just go where ever she’d go home when she was meant to come to “daycare” or come to daycare when she was meant to go home.  Well the bus came 10 minutes early.  I could understand a few minutes but 10. No one was ready and at the bus stop. I was so annoyed as I have 3 seats in my car and four kids I couldn’t take them to school. Luckily for my my mom was still home and had to run to the store before work so I left Sharon with her and took the rest win me to take Tegan to school. Then get Sharon from my mom, to realize I needed gas.  I would have been ok to get it with out the kids if it weren’t for the extra trip that day.  I had to take them in as I didn’t have my debit card and had to use cash to pay for gas.  Then clean up time and lunch did not go well, as I had two throwing fits. They ended up going to bed with out eating lunch. After that our day went back to normal. They all woke up we went and picked Tay up from school got home in time for the bus snack and they all went home in better moods.

However I feel like things have gone back to normal, cheerleading practice went well, I’ve got groceries for the week, now it’s off to bed for a more prepared tomorrow.  Also I’m sorry my post is late but it’s been a busy/chaotic day.